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Mechanism of High Speed Trains Homework Answers –Accelerate Your Academic Intelligence through World Wide Web

by Jun 15, 2017Homework Solution

When you turn back the pages of history of tracks, you will witness a series of evolutionary revolution came about in building up speedy trains. From the United Kingdom’s first ever railway journey with Coalbrookdale Locomotive to the most advanced Japan’s Shinkansen, there have been significant efforts made in inventing the train with highest speed.

However, it’s still a dream to invent a vacuum train, which could move faster than airplanes. It is yet seen as a science fiction. But, if you see yourself as a passionate mechanical engineer who would contribute in giving the world its first vacuum train, begin your journey by finding out right mechanism of high speed trains homework answers.

It’s the internet world which can help you out with the train dynamics concept. Before that, take a brief look on the high speed trains technology.

Introduction to High Speed Trains

The high speed trains run amazingly faster than the traditionally built trains. The trains which can run above 150 km/hour come under the category of high speed trains. They have entirely different chains of motor carriers (the vehicle) with the advanced track system.

High speed trains are also known as maglev trains or bullet trains. The word maglev is derived from the full form magnetic levitation. The whole mechanism is based on the electromagnetic theory.

Hence, to understand the mechanism of high speed trains homework answers you need to learn the electromagnetic concept.

Mechanics behind High Speed Trains

As a physics student, you know how the electromagnetic theory works. A magnetic field is generated through the use of magnets. Magnets can powerfully attract the south and north poles (opposite poles) resulting in giving rise to the magnetic field.This magnetic field helps in keeping the track and the train in perfect alignment.

Magnets tend to attract metals. Keeping this in mind, the railway tracks are lined by metal coils. Furthermore, huge powerful magnets are attached to the lower side of the train along with a source of electrical power. The electromagnets are supplied with electric current, which in turn is constantly controlled by a computer system. This whole configuration helps in giving a compelling grip to the speed and weight of the train.

Other Important Facts

In earlier days, bullet trains use to make annoying noise pollution in the passing by areas. To eradicate this problem, the noise was narrowed down to less than 70dB (decibels). This was possible by modifying the weight of saving cars, pan to graph and giving place to the noise barriers.

Nevertheless, research is still going on in limiting the operational noise. The engineers are working on reducing the noise while trains move through tunnels.

In 1992, the Urgent Earthquake Detection and Alarm System (Ur EDAS) was brought in as a safety measure during earthquakes. By means of this system, the high speed trains are put to a halt with automatic breaks in case of emergency.

The heavy snow limits the speed of bullet trains. Due to the fact, strong sprinkler system and slab tracks are used to extenuate the snow effect.

Bullet Trains in United States

For Americans it’s still a dream to travel their way via bullet trains. People are prone to journeying with cars and airplanes. The downside of the fact is that the airports are becoming more congested and road traffic is vulnerably increasing.

This problem could be overcome by introducing the high speed trains all over the US. It will not only reduce the traffic but also speed up the economy of the nation.

According to a recent study, about two-third of American population has agreed to use high speed trains if they are made available.

So, don’t you think it’s important to learn the mechanism of high speed trains homework answers? Not just for the sake of exams but for your future.

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