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Measure the Cost Concepts Relating to Profit Planning Homework with Help

by Sep 12, 2017Homework Answers

Cost Concepts Relating to Profit Planning Homework Answers

Every company no matter how big or small its extent requires a transparent cost accounting system. This is important since it plays an important in evaluating the probable funding a particular project requires. It identifies the fund absorbing quarters along the process of manufacture and distribution of new product and also provides an idea of the profits to be expected from the investments.
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The cost analysts of a company must be supplied with 100% authentic expenditure data sans any loophole. This is done in order to determine the financial drain a firm has to undergo in order to process and release a new product in the market. They even help to get a rough idea about the cash inflow that can be expected from sales experienced by the concerned investment.
Now it may so happen that the financial experts are barred from getting the correct information. Due to some falsity within the system if the actual figures are not provided to the management then the company is sure to endure monetary crisis in the long run. Error in cost system may also occur due to any sort of slip-up in calculations or if certain vital data are overlooked. These issues can eventually lead the process of cost accounting to fail at its purpose.
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This kind of ambiguity may halt a company’s progress in the current marketplace or as a worst case scenario; a lack of proper cost accounting team may decrease the company’s goodwill and worth.
Basic idea of cost concepts and its relation to profit planning
Cost concepts is an important topic included under accountancy and as students travel forward with subjects like these, they become quite accustomed to it. Cost concept or information required for framing an appropriate plan for profits is the complete financial log of a company. Experts scrutinize those data and submit a report of the returns to be expected.
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There are a few tools of cost concepts that are used to construct these reports. They can be categorized as follows-

  • Fixed costs

These are the expenses of a company that is not subject to any alteration whatsoever its working status is. This does not vary with the production ability of the company. They are considered amongst those outlays which remain constant and do not change with returns obtained. These include employee salary, property taxes and insurance, rent, marketing and so on.

  • Operating costs

These are costs related to the preservation and management of the regular or day-to-day functions of a company. Expenses such as capital expenditure are not considered under operating costs. Others like travel expenses, legal fees, interests of bank loans, daily wages of workers, basic maintenance expenditure are included within operating outlay.
Finance analysts recruited by a company must be served all the required transactions being processed in order to suggest better implementations if required. They can also give appropriate advice on how to channelize funds to earn greater revenues.
Operating cost can be evaluated by a simple formula,
Operating expense= Expense of Products Sold + Operating Costs

  • Variable costs

Variable expenses are meant to alter with a change in the productivity or the net output of a company. The firm has to adapt correct techniques to deal with these costs. Their level is directly proportional to the total production yield of a company. This includes the expenses levied on the purchasing of raw materials for a particular project and the labor charge related to it.
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  • Semi-variable costs

These expenses, as the name suggests, belong somewhere halfway between fixed and variable costs. They are also termed as mixed expenses. These costs remain fixed to some specified level of productivity of a company and after crossing that extent, it becomes variable in nature. This can be included amongst expenses such as a requirement of extra labor or raw materials for a project than the estimated amount.

  • Budgeted costs

These are the funds sorted out from the net investment for pre-planned or any upcoming ventures of a company. These costs are included when the budget is approximated.

  • Unit cost

This is another important expense incurred on a company. It is the cost that a company has to endure in order to produce or sell a single unit of any of their products.
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