Mastering the Art of Remember Complex Chemical Formulas

By Michelle Johnson
23 Jun, 2016
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We all remember the days when all we were required to learn about chemistry was the different chemicals and their individual formulas, and about various protons, neutrons and electrons. Those were the good days; however, as we moved up from one grade to another, chemistry became more complicated because they started including a variety of chemical formulas that you had to memorize. One mistake and your entire answer or assignment could go wrong. This may be cause for worry, but if you are really determined to do well in chemistry, then there are ways to remembering various formulas.
“Memorizing is an art and it takes time to master.”
Methods that you can employ
When you are considering all the three science subjects in school, chemistry is definitely the most difficult because of the number of formulas involved. But there are ways in which you can at least attempt to remember everything you need to in order to pass an exam. Below you will find a few suggestions that you can use the next time you want to study chemistry.

  • Familiarize yourself with the syllabus

Most people tend to leave things for the last minute. Especially when starting new topics, we wait for the teachers to introduce it to us before we attempt to understand it ourselves. This is not as beneficial as it seems. When you read and try to familiarize yourself with the topics and formulas before you study them in class, you will find it easier to remember, and understand whatever the teacher is trying to explain to you. This is something students should do before their school year even begins.
Having basic knowledge of what is going to be taught will make the topics seem a lot less complicated than they are. This is why you should at least read through your chemistry homework.

  • Do not make lists

When it comes to chemical formulas, the one thing you should never do is make a list of all the formulas that you need to memorize. This will definitely confuse you. The only time you should make a list is when you are testing yourself. Once you are done learning all the formulas that are necessary, you should write them down within a time limit and without looking at any note or text for help.
Another thing you should remember about learning formulas is that you can pick and choose which ones to learn. For this you will need to know your syllabus thoroughly, and know what is important and what is not.

  • Practice

Chemical formulas are a lot like mathematical formulas, they require regular practice in order to master them. As they say. “Practice really does make perfect.” Regardless of whether you have homework or not, you should set aside 15 to 20 minutes of your daily routine in order to practice your chemical formulas. The more you practice and associate yourself with the formulas, the easier they will be to remember. This will also help in understanding different and more complicated topics in the future.

  • Use Games

Games are fun for everyone, even when they are educational. This is why you should turn your learning process into a game. If you can, involve a parent or sibling to help you out as well. You can use flash cards or quizzes and set a timer in order to make it more interesting. Reward yourself with good food, an extra few minutes of T.V or gaming to help motivate you to study what you need to and do well. Memory games definitely aid in remembering difficult formulas. They also increase and strengthen your memory capacity for everything else, which in the long run, is extremely beneficial. Using games not only aids memory but also helps to make computer science homework fun for yourself.

  • Get enough rest

It has been said before, but can never be emphasized enough – sleep is necessary. Sleep is very important when you are trying to remember things because a good amount of rest will aid your brain. A well-rested mind is able to remember things for longer and more clearly. So make sure you are getting enough sleep and that you are taking enough breaks during your study sessions.
Even if you may not like chemistry or any other the science subjects, it is absolutely necessary to study till a certain class. So, you might as well try to remember what is necessary and do well during your exams. This will only help you in the long run.

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