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Master the Art of Selecting Research Proposal Topics

by Jun 13, 2018Cases Studies

Hello everyone! So, there is a new problem that is worrying you. You need to choose research proposal topics, right?
To be frank, the topic chosen for a research work is very important because it is the first step towards the standard of research that is to be prepared. At times going through a research topic list is essential before making a proper choice.
I understand that it does become very difficult at times to decide which topic to select among several research proposals but if you keep few factors in mind before taking a decision, then making the choice will be much easier. Let’s check out few such factors.
Focus should be on the career to be undertaken
Research proposal topics should always be in accordance to the career that is to be opted for in future. When you choose a research topic, you should keep in mind that you will have to work with the topic for months. Thus, if you select a topic that is related to the career that you wish to undertake, it will be easier for your career ahead.
The topic should be informative
It is basically of no use if you choose a topic that is completely new or is less interesting. There are various examples of research paper topics that are ones that people are curious to read about. If the topic is interesting, one step is already put forward since an intriguing topic will as it is draw attention of readers and people will want to read your work. You have to understand that a well written research work that draws more readers is always better than one that is unique but has no flow of information.
It is better if you are good at the subject chosen
Now imagine, you are studying about fashion designing and you chose a topic that is related to mechanical engineering! These are two separate poles. First of all, you will waste few months on a topic that is nowhere related to your field. Moreover, you no very less about the research proposal outline on the chosen subject. This might lead to the research work being less informative because you are not an expert on the selected topic.
You need to have knowledge on the topic
The choice of research proposal topics should be a smart one rather than a brave one. You should never make a wrong choice of research proposal topics on account of a craze to do something extraordinarily different. Initially while selecting a topic, you might feel that you have selected a unique one that will fetch you high grades but gradually when you keep working on the topic, you will realize that you are investing a lot of your time on the research. If you choose a topic that you have sufficient knowledge about, you will enjoy the journey towards the completion whereas an unknown topic will leave you exhausted.
You should have interest on the chosen topic
A research work is one that involves a lot of hard work through a definite period of time. It is not something that can be completed immediately. A research proposal format is such that it can be completed over a long period. Thus, if you do not choose a topic that interests you, spending so much of time for an uninteresting topic can be really challenging and at times boring. The quality of your work will also depend largely on the fact that you enjoy making the research or not.
Let us now go through certain steps that will help you choose a research topic that is most appropriate for you.
Keep thinking for ideas
A research is not a day’s work. It involves a lot of time for completion. So before deciding for research proposal topics, you should think for fresh ideas. Think about aspects like current controversies, topics that you are inclined to learn in detail about. You need to know about the current affairs to make a fair choice of topic.
Read through for information
To help you in choosing research proposal topics, you can read informative articles on few topics out of which you are planning to choose one. Reading through articles will give you an overview about the shortlisted topics which will in turn guide you in choosing the correct topic. You can keep a note of the words that strike you while reading. These can be referred to later to choose the appropriate topic.
Put complete focus on the topic chosen
When you select research proposal topics, you should keep it in mind that the topic should not be too narrow or broad. In case you have chosen a topic that is of broad spectrum, you can narrow it down by usage of different aspects like discipline, culture, time, area, population etc. Thus, it is very essential that you put your complete focus on a topic after it has been selected.
List the keywords that seem relevant
After having chosen the research proposal topics, you should start researching on the topic and keep noting down keywords that seem connected to your topic. You need to find words that give a description of the topic. If these words are noted, they can be used later for searching catalogs and databases.
You need to have a flexible approach
When you choose the research proposal topics, you should always try to keep your approach flexible. While your journey through the research, you might discover various aspects about the topic. There might to a lot of information available that needs to be narrowed or very less information that needs to be broadened. It might not be possible for you to change the topic completely but there might be requirement of certain aspects of the topic. You should never be rigid at such situations.
If you follow the mentioned steps while researching, you are bound to have a simpler journey towards completion of your research. When you enjoy a topic, you are bound to work hard on it which will in turn improve the quality of your work. Wish you all the luck guys!