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Marginal Costing Homework Answers: Know the Details Well!

by Sep 12, 2017Homework Answers

Marginal Costing Homework Answers

To acknowledge the notion of marginal costing, it is imperative that you understand what marginal costing actually is and few other terminologies are corresponding to this method. Before you look up for marginal costing homework answers, I would like to emphasize on the fact here that there is a basic conceptual difference between the two terms Marginal Costing and marginal cost.
Conceptual clarity:

  • Marginal Costing:

The determination of marginal costs and of the consequence on financial gain or profit of alterations in volume or kind of production by discriminating between fixed costs and marginal costs.

  • Marginal Cost:

The quantity at any given magnitude of production by which the summation of variable cost are altered if the magnitude of production is expanded by 1 unit.However, in real life implementations, it is quantified by the sum-total of variable costs allowable to 1 unit. Marginal costs can definitely be the sum-total of prime costs and variable overheads.
Features of Marginal Costing
The method of marginal costing is established on the grounds of discrimination among product cost and period cost. Only the variable cost are considered as the costs of the goods whereas the fixed charges are considered as period cost that would be sustained during the long run irrespective of the amount of output.
The principal feature of marginal costing can be projected as follows:-

  • All constituents of costs are grouped into standing and variable components.
  • It is the method of evaluation and demonstration of expenses and costs which assists the managing personnel to take various management related decisions, and we can say that it is not an autonomous technique of costing as is the usual case of process or job-costing.
  • The inventory of finished and warehoused goods along with work-in-process goods are assessed at marginal costs itself. With marginal costing homework answers you can get a detailed analysis of this whole context.
  • Product price is calculated following the marginal cost procedure by clubbing together ‘contribution’ which is the surplus of sale or selling price above the marginal cost of sale.

Assumptions in relation to Marginal Costing method 
To make the most out of marginal costing homework answers provided by cost experts online, and to use them in an effective manner, you must be akin to the conventional assumptions of this particular method of costing.

  • Every component of cost — be it manufacturing charges, be it office and administration charges or selling and distribution charges — can be subdivided into – 1) standing/fixed costs and 2) variable costs.
  • Variable cost stays the same for every single unit of production regardless the extent of output and therefore oscillate directly in the ratio of the shift in the magnitude of output.
  • The prices of product per unit stay constant at all levels of manufacture.
  • Similarly fixed/standing expenses remain constant throughout every volume of activity.
  • The capacity at which the business unit operates or the output which is produced is the sole determining factor which impacts the expenses.

Major benefits of adopting marginal costing
There are several advantages of this method of cost ascertainment which is why this topic forms a major part of students’ curriculum which in turn makes students seek marginal costing homework answers online.
The principal benefits are enumerated below:

  1. The technique used in this type of cost analysis is extremely easy to employ in practical life and uncomplicated to learn and absorb. As fixed charges are distanced from unit costs; the cost sheets prepared following the method of marginal costs are a lot less complex to handle.
  2. There is no such requirement for allocation, apportionment, and recovery of fixed costs and therefore eliminates the complications of under recovery of cost.
  1. Due to the fact that marginal costs remain unchanged for every unit of production despite the variations in manufacturing capacity, it aids the management in planning every aspect of production.
  2. It arrests the carry forwarding of present year’s fixed costs through value determination of closing inventory.As fixed overheads are not included in computation of value of closing inventories, there lies no probability of false and fictitious surplus by over-valuation of inventories.
  3. This system enables the computation of many crucial determinants such as break-even point of sales, anticipation of surpluses at various manufacturing capacities, revenue required to accrue a pre-planned profit objective, impact on earnings as a result of fluctuations in cost of raw materials, swelled emoluments, alterations in revenue mix,
  4. This is a precious help to the team of management in the area of making decisions and affixation of selling price per unit and to choose an advantageous sales ratio, to make or to buy decisions, complexities of key or limiting factor, establishment of optimum activity level, shut-down points and associated decisions, analysis of execution and investment related decisions.
  5. It fosters the examination of the relative profitability with respect to various commodity lines, departments, manufacturing infrastructure and also sales divisions.
  6. Marginal costing goes hand in hand with standard costing and budgets, and it may be utilized along with these methods to sustain much better outcome.
  7. Due to the fact that fixed charges cannot be controlled and only variable cost can be restrained and manipulated, in marginal costing system, costs are segregated into controllable and non-controllable costs which assist in control of costs.
  8. It benefits the cost accountants and managerial teams in the process of planning of profits by implementing an examination of the relation among costs, volumes, and profit. Furthermore, break-even point charts and revenue graphs render the entire situation understandable to every type of workers and employee.

How important is the online service of marginal costing homework answers
We can very well understand from the above points that marginal costing is a whole new process of measuring and ascertaining costs and it is very much different from financial costing or accounting system followed conventionally. The topic requires thorough evaluation of the fundamental principles.
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