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Manipulating Interests for Online Essay Writing by Following 8 Steps

By Michelle Johnson
28 Aug, 2016

Reading a book or an essay must be interesting for the readers. Some essays are boring while you may get that some other online essays are interested for the reader. Interest means the reader must read it thoroughly by forgetting all his other work. Do you want to get the same in case of essay writing? There are some steps for writing an excellent essay and it will give the reader as well as the writer a great satisfaction. So, if you desire to know the steps, then these 8 steps are as follows-

  • Give a nice intro –

When you write about a topic or any particular person or event, then you must have a nice opening line. This is an essential step as first line is very important and it describes the quality of your writing to the readers. So, always try to attract the readers with an excellent opening line of an essay. This step is vital to grab the attention of a reader.
Try to give quotation in your essay as a nice quotation related to the topic in your essay gives an excellent solution to enhance a reader’s interest. Moreover, it makes the reader busy by enhancing the eagerness.  Now, where you should place the quote? If your quotation is remarkable and it makes your essay an excellent start, then you can easily put this quotation into the first line of an essay.

  • Paste some related pictures –

To grab the perfect attention of your readers, you must paste some related pictures as you are going to convey the online readers. This will give a nice opportunity to your essay, so that you can easily create attention and you will also get a right direction to your essay. You have a perfect option of sharing your knowledge about that particular topic, so always careful about description in depth through a nice and perfect picture.

  • Video –

Is there any related video available in which some related events are there? You must increase your knowledge about this and you can easily get that video for a few minutes as 4-5 minutes can easily give the reader an idea about what is happening in the event. It means an article can easily explain about that. In case you explain something about any science subject with video, then you can easily understand the fact. Motivating 10 steps to follow for great marks in Physics assignment is also important and you can search a number of videos related to that.

  • Description of your own experience –

If you have any such event that you can clear to the reader, then you must give some experience. This is very much important for a reader through which he can think about the event which is real. In case you don’t have any such experience, in that case you can also place some other’s experienced if you read it anywhere else. Now, it is very much clear that if you explain experience in an exact way, then it can make your essay something distinctive.

  • Replace the simple words with synonyms –

If you want to make an essay eye catchy, then not only the perfect look will make it accurate, but you must need to concentrate on the synonyms. How to grab the perfect synonyms? It is very easy to get through MS Word or through online dictionary.

  • Follow a pattern –

When you desire to manipulate interest on your online essay, then you must have to prepare for it with a great effort. All above points are very important, but they are worthless until you follow them in a proper pattern. What is the perfect one for your need? You must need to write it in rough for a perfect idea and after that you should make a decision of what is the right way. It means arrangement is very important for an essay. If you put picture or video anywhere, then your readers can easily confuse anywhere. Now, be careful about the exact way.

  • Keep the paragraphs small

Don’t write everything in one paragraph. Always try to break large paragraphs in smaller one. You should always think the methods through which you can make your essay perfect, informative as well as attractive.  A concise sentence can easily explain a lot within a few words and this is one of the most perfect ways of explaining your essay.

  • Always focus on the last paragraph –

You must have a proper finishing. Thus, if you write any thing or any other event at the last paragraph and finishes without any conclusion, then you will not be a perfect writer. So, if you want to be a perfect one, then focus on the first as well as on the last paragraph in proper way. You can end up with a quotation. So, if you desire to make it more interesting, then you can put a quote on the last sentence or last paragraph.
Now, you can understand that what the different points make your article interesting. If you have any other idea, then try to add with these points. Moreover, it is also important for you to give citation to make it completely perfect. Try to write at the end in the APA format as some time MLA format can also give it a nice essay. In case you have any problem in explaining the essay, then you just need to gather the exact information, and then explain it in a proper way. Don’t write any wrong information related to the topic as this can create confusion.

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