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Make Science Interesting with These Fun Facts!

by Dec 30, 2016Homework Solutions

Science is an active and interesting subject. It is not created by other like language and literature.  Science is something that ishiddenin our nature. It is a dynamic subject and keeps on changing as weslowly discover it.
Many scientific invention and discoveries are made since time immemorial. Modern civilization owes everything to science in all spheres of human life; present age is an age of science. Science has solved almost all problems of human life and makes it comfortable and easy to spend.
Classification of science
Science is everywhere in our surrounding, our nature, our food, lodging even human body is the part of science. Science has a vast expanse, so it is classified into different categoriesfor easy learning. They are –

  • Physics is the science subject that deals with the properties, characteristic behaviour of different inanimate objects.
  • Chemistry, another part of science deals with different substances, both organic and inorganic, reactions between them, formation of minute internal structures, etc.
  • Biology is the science subject that deals with living organisms, plants and animals – their immunity, health and behaviours.
  • Computer science is the part of physics and it is the latest and fastest way of doing jobs.

The science is not only to learn some information it has an application side too, but this is also the magic and most interesting and integral part of learning science. It can do a miracle with its magic wand. Here we are going to discuss the interesting parts of different science subject and how they make science fun to us.
Let us start with Physics. The influence of Physicsis found in almost all parts of our life. Sometimes, it is found that some simple laws of this subjectresult into amazing phenomena.
The events that we enjoy in amusement parks are based on physics.  If you are wondering, can you learn from rides and games? Can you learn Physics by flying a radio-controlled plane? Yes! As science is what makes everything interesting including games. Here are a few examples:
In Optics–
There are several facts aboutlight or optics that resultsininteresting and dazzling effects.

  • People, especially children are pretty amazed seeing a rainbow in the sky. Hereliesphysical optics behind the screen.
  • When white sunlight, an aggregate of innumerable other colours of lightpasses through little droplets of water amongst the clouds,it breaks up into itsconstituent colours and reaches our eyes.
  • It is then that we see a rainbow. By knowing these physics,we can learn how to make little rainbows at home.
  • In hot deserts, sometimes peoplecan see an illusion, where an object like a rock or a tree at a distance, seems like standing on water with its reflection on the surface, but actuallyit is standing on dry solid ground.
  • The science here is that light from the object is getting totalinternally reflectedfromthe extremely hot layer of air near the ground. Thus, an observer mistakes this layer to be water surface.
  • Sometimes, a magnifying glass proves the real power of sun. If we hold a magnifying lens under the sun and a paper under this lens such that a bright spot is seen on the paper, we will soon find that the paper has started smoking or burning!
  • The lenshas the capacity tomagnify lightintensity within an area.This excessive intensity of light energy burns the paper.
  • Mirrors and lensesare pretty useful in forming startling effects, especially to kids.If you stand between two mirrors placed parallel, then you will see many images of yourself in each mirror, going on endlessly.
  • A kaleidoscope uses three rectangular mirrors to give dazzling effects inside it. In amusement parks there is often house of mirrors, where crooked shaped mirrors show hilariously funny images of us.
  • Using a lens you can see small areas in detail, also using two of them can look quite far away.
  • Physical opticshides behind allcinematographic phenomena.Projection of movie on a screen uses the formation of real3D films exploit polarization properties of light.
  • Nowadays, holograms are a new trend in fun fairs and festivals. Such holograms too are formedwith the help ofphase properties of a light wave and laser optics.

In electromagnetism–
Electromagnetism is a very interesting part of physics where there are lot of fun and interesting facts.

  • If you rub a plastic item with a woollen cloth vigorously, then that plasticwill attract little pieces of papers to itself –This happens because rubbing causes charging an object and charged objectspolarize and attract other neutral particles.
  • If we have a very low powerand tiny bulb attached to a wire loop, then we can swiftly move a magnet through the loop and see that the bulb is glowing for a second or two!This happens because the changing magnetic fieldgenerates current in the loop automatically.

In other fields –
There are several other natural phenomena which arouse ourdeep interest in people.Why stars twinkle and not shine steadily like a little bulb at a distance?Why high tide and low tides occurs twice a day?
Why bright meteor shower occursin night sky or why a comet has that peculiar shape? Why gas balloons rise up? How does a wind mile move? If you know answers to these questions, it will help you to make physics more interesting and learn it happily.
Chemistry is a subject of colour, smell and test, its indeed an interesting science subject.

  • Colour –

Students have to work in Chemistry lab with   different acidic and basic solution to understand the right solution student often use Litmus paper and turmeric paper

  • Acid turned red litmus paper into blue colour. And blue litmus paper and yellow turmeric paper turned into red colour in touch of base.
  • In our real life if you can pour some yellow colour turmeric powder that are used in your kitchen, it will turned into red colour.
  • Hair colouring is a very common fashion today it is based on chemistry.
  • Makeup, lipstick, blusher and all the colour of your dress are the chemical product.
  • Most of your eye makeup like kajol, liner are the carbon products.
  • The colourful crayons for drawing, pencils eraser pens papers all are the gift from chemistry.
  • Smell –

Our life becomes more aromatic with the fragrance of Perfume, body- spray colon, talcum etc. We cannot think of living without this fragrance these are all chemistry.

  • Test –

Chemistry plays a significant role in making different testy syrup, chocolate, candy etc.Scientists are working hard in chemistry lab to make your life more colourful, beautiful, aromatic and sweet. One day you may also be one of them if you get interest in chemistry and learn it properly.

  • Botany –
  • If you pour some colour water in root of a tree which gives whiteflower, you can find that the white flower turned faintly into that colour.
  • If you keep a sapling in the darkclosed room with small ventilation – you can find that the sapling bent towards the ventilation for searching of light.
  • Zoology –

If you feed your pet dog every day at a specific time – after few days you will find that your pet starts salivating automatically. It is related to nervous system known as conditional reflex.
Computer Science:

  • Connectivity

It brings every corner of the world closer to us in our room

  • Digital Learning

Digital learning is the latest and easiest way of learning.

  • Presentation

The most amazing part of computer science is PowerPoint. You can do any kind of presentation movies making etc.