How to Write a Hook Sentence

Still wondering what a hook sentence actually means?
When you start reading a particular topic and the first few lines try to grab your attention then you can say that a proper hook sentence has been written.
I am sure that as a reader you must have come across topics wherein you have just read the first few lines and then did not go through the entire writing. This is because it did not have hook sentences.
In order to interest the readers it is very important for you to write a hook sentence that is interesting, thought provoking, mysterious and very eye catchy. So if you want to create an interesting writing, knowing how to write a hook sentence is definitely very important.
There is no specific rule that you have to follow in order to write a hook.
The hook sentence should simply be the product of your creativity and your imagination.This statement can either start with a thoughtful story, background information or a popular quote. Whatever it is, it should be able to grab the attention of the audience.
The hook should also naturally lead into the original thesis.
By reading it, the readers should get an idea about the topic. But the important thing to keep in mind is that your hook should never fabricate statistics or provide irrelevant information because if your readers come to know about it, then the entire purpose of the hook will be lost.
If you are really interested to know how to write a hook sentence, then it is important for you to know about the different type of hook sentences.
Now the question that arises here is “What is the different kind of hook sentence that you can write?

In order to know about this you need to go through the discussion given below:


If your hook sentence consists of a word of advice, then it will surely have a great impact on the mind of the readers. For example, if you start your topic with a sentence like “If you are interested in getting a favor from someone then you should start with giving him or her something that will benefit him or her.


If you want you can also start with a paragraph that relates an interesting incident or an amusing story about a person who is famous for a particular reason.This is known as an anecdote, and an anecdote type of a hook can really be interesting for the audience.

Bold Statement

This is the third kind of hook sentence that you can write. If you start your topic with an assertion or a statement that either arouses a retort or judgment from the reader, then it can also be regarded as a good hook sentence. For example- “Very soon you will be able to realize your goals.”


This is also another kind of a hook sentence that you can write. When you are learning how to write a hook sentence, it is important for you to know about contradiction type of a hook sentence.
If you start with a sentence that goes with a concept that is contradictory, then there is a very high chance that it will sound interesting for the audience. For example writing a statement like “I consider it to be the best time as well as the worst time of my life” instills a lot of curiosity among the audiences.


Your hook sentence can also have a situation where you have to make a choice between certain things especially some undesirable results.


Stating an important fact about some important thing can also be regarded as a very interesting type of a hook sentence. For example, if you write something like “Your first meal consists of the required amount of calories that you need on a particular day.”


If you want you can also start a hook sentence with the quote from a reputed personality.However, you should always ensure that the quote should be relevant to the subject of your topic.


If you want you can start your topic with a joke.This often makes the readers feel that your writing is interesting and also quite entertaining.

Personal Experience

If you start your writing with a small story about your life then most of the times it seems very interesting for the readers, and they tend to continue reading the topic that you have written until the end.

Rhetorical Question

This is another very interesting type of a hook sentence that you can write. A rhetorical question is a type of question that instills curiosity among the audience, but it is not very easy to answer such questions.
Such answers of the rhetorical questions should be addressed in your topic. A perfect example of arhetoric question is “How do you define happiness?”


When you are learning how to write a hook sentence,it is very important for you to know about settings. If you start your topic describing a particular scene, then it will definitely stimulate the senses of the reader and create an interest in them.

Simile or Metaphor

You can also start your writing comparing two unrelated things. This is a very good way of writing a hook sentence.


If you start your topic with some important facts and figures that are relevant to your topic, then it will definitely interest your readers.
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