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Learn About Analyses of Categorical Data Help Homework

by Jun 14, 2017Homework and Assignment Support

Often, people have to deal with large amounts of data or information.In such situations, they usually have a tendency to classify or group these data into different categories, for some ease of calculations and analysis. Such data are known as categorical data. Needless, to say that this concept is best needed and exploited by statisticians.Given, the gigantic piles of data that a statistician has to handle, categorization becomes necessary and indispensable. Hence, it is enlisted in statistics syllabi and for that reason; students need Analyses of categorical data help homework.

In our daily life, we handle several categorical data. For example, in budget calculations, we primarily categorize finance data into incomes, expenditure, and savings.Then we group expenditure into more classifications viz. household marketing, food, fashion, electric and gas bills, etc.In case of counting how many kids in your house likes chocolate, ice-creams or candies you have to categorize data. Hence, it is clear that not only a statistician but also every layman in their day to day activities have to use such statistical ideas.So, it is essential that students focus on their Analyses of categorical data help homework.

About it

Analyses of categorical data help homework is an interesting part of pupils. In statistics, there are mainly two types of data categories. They are:

  • Nominal –

Where the order of categories does not matter at all. Each of them can be handled in any order as a statistician wishes. For example, categories in expenditures such as food, bills, marketing, etc.

  • Ordinal –

In which order of classes is very important because there is a hierarchy relationship amongst them. E.g. social status, classes of a school, etc.

Statisticians have to involve themselves with both of these types of categorical data, and for that,they require good skills regarding categorical data analysis in their student life.

There are several ways to deal with classified data.Frequency distribution table with tally marking was one of those many ways that you learned in your in childhood days. But of course there are more methods, some of which are enlisted below:

  • Contingency table analysis –

It is used to analyze the relations between any two usual categorical variables.

  • McNemar’s test –

It has been formulated to deal with some special set of variables called paired dichotomous categorical variables for detection of any disagreement or changes amongst them.

  • Mantel-Haenszel test –

It is designed to find out whether there is any relation between two dichotomous variables affected by or affecting a third variable.

  • Inter-rater reliability test –

Also known as kappa test, it determines whether two raters observing one same and single occurrence (or condition) provide consistent ratings.

  • Goodness-of-fit test –

It calculates whether a given observed category of counts matches with a predicted theoretical pattern.

This is not the end of tests; there are more tests and formulas as weapons and tools for pupils to deal with their Analyses of categorical data help homework.

Problems faced

There are hardly chapters in any subject which do not put forward problems to its students. This chapter of our discussion is no exception.So if you are facing troubles while solving sums do not be surprised. It is normal.If you are burdened with Analyses of categorical data help homework, then you must be having one of the following troubles.

  • Data analysis is not a very bright and interesting part of statistics. To several students,this chapter, especially its theory may seem boring. That’s a large problem faced initially by the students.
  • The main problem with any statistical or mathematical subject is calculations and its complications.
  • While doing huge statistical calculations, silly mistakes are very often. If there is one mistake in a single step, the answer is usually grossly wrong.
  • It is very hard to correct or rectify a wrong answer because tracking the erroneous step in huge mathematical derivations is almost impossible.

There is no shortage of problems in this chapter. So, students who fall weak in these parts,are unable to perform well and fail miserably in their academic lives. So

Homework Help

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