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Know the Basic Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

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By Sarah J Mitchell
6 Sep, 2016

Computers are one of the primary needs for today’s education standard. The involvement of computer system makes it easy to achieve greater knowledge with ease. The invention of computers has changed the way of delivering and receiving of knowledge.
How do science and engineering involve in the computer system?
A computer is an electronic machine that runs on the acceptance of hardware and software. Typically, softwareare the non-touchable content that are visible to eyes and hardware are the solid parts that can be touched.

Computer science and computer engineering both plays asignificant role to develop acomputer system for interpretation of various projects. People often deal both the field with similar concepts. You should know that science and engineering are two different areas.
Computer science:
Computer Science is the scientific approach towards computation. Actually, it is a practical approach that is needed to run the machine using software with the interpretation of data and information.
Computer Science includes systematic study of various algorithms and methods to represent the work. In other words, it includes theory, design and implementation of the application to transform into useful work. The data and information are processed and manipulated using various computing devices where:
Algorithms are set for the proper functioning of the computer system. It deals with effective procedures for solving problems. You can say algorithms are the mathematical calculation that a computing device will interpret.
Designing focuses on the computer graphics and visibility of applications to the user. Various programming language develops to apply these procedures in almost every field for:

  • Human and computer interaction
  • Interpretation tocomputation
  • Computation to final results

Computer Engineering:
Computer Engineering is a trade that integrates computer science and electrical engineering to function. Basically, computer engineering focuses on the integrated circuits and microprocessors to implant the computing process.
You know computer runs on electricity. If there is no electricity, then computer system is a waste matter. Electrical Engineering concerns to the field of acceptability of microprocessors to the computer system and runs on electric current.
Electrical Engineering helps in the development of microprocessors, its designing and the optimization of materials to make it as compact as possible. That means computer engineers have specialization in both software designs and hardware designs.
Actually, both computer science and computer engineering are different in their processes. Computer Science related to the medium level functioning for the computers while computer engineering includes microscopic to macroscopic ends.
Similarities between computer science and computer engineering:
You often confuse to separate both the fields. Both these areas have several topics that are similar. Many colleges have conjugated both the fields and make it as computer science engineering (CSE) degree program. Some of the related topics you will find:

  • Operating system
  • Application software
  • Programming language
  • Networking
  • Database management system (DBMS)

Operating System:
The operating system is the primary need for the computer system. Without operating system a computer cannot even start.As a user, you should know how different operating system could work. You find operating systems that are developed by Windows and Apple. Thereis asignificant difference between DOS (Disk Operating System) and other versions of Windows.
Application software and Programming language:
Application software are the programs that are run on the operating system. Programming languages are used to develop applications.
Parents may think to enroll their kids in new schools for higher education. When it comes to choosing the appropriate field, it is the greatest challenge that you can face. Parents are not able to understand the difference between computer science and computer engineering. It is better to consult with friends and other family members. You can even take advice from teachers and professors. Online help is also available.This will help you to make perfect separation of both theseareas and select the ideal field for your child.
Difference between computer science and computer engineering:
Usually, parents think that both computer science (CS) graduates and computer engineering (CE) graduates learn similar things. You should know that there is a broad classification of topics for both these trades.
Computer Science Graduate:
Many of the topics are similar that are fundamental. You will find some different topics that are included in the syllabus of CS students:

  • Scientific computation
  • Network security measures
  • Problem with algorithms
  • Solving algorithms

Network security:
A computer science graduate learns how to develop the measures to secure internet connectivity. It will help in sharing of information safely through networking. Several antiviruses and internet security applications are available in the market to ensure the same.
Problems with algorithms:
A CS graduate will learn how to develop algorithms for next generation use. The problems with algorithms help them to learn necessary basic skills to deal with different algorithms to run a computer system.
Computer Engineering Graduate:
Many people have a common misconception that computer engineers learn hardware system. Both CS and CE courses have some similar topics, but CE students have to concentrate on both software and hardware issues. The topics that are different from CS students are:

  • Microprocessor design and programming
  • Logical gates and signals
  • Electronic analysis

Logical gates and signals:
The processing of a microprocessor and other parts of a computer depends on logical gates, and it helpsto deliver and receive the data and information. With the integration of proper signals, it is easy to use computing devices.
Electronic analysis:
Without electricity computers are of no use. Electric currents are used as signals to transfer messages among several computing devices.
How to choose the perfect field for your teen?
As a parent, you may be worried about the future of your child. The very first thing that you have to do is to understand the knowledge and talent of your teen. This subject will solve many of your problems. Parents can ask their child about the liking of their subjects and topics.
You will find several undergraduate schools which offer both computer science and computer engineering courses. Before choosing a particular school, you should be aware of the course fees and processes to enroll. The reputation of undergraduate schools also matters to get anticipated benefitsfrom graduate programs. Student loans and scholarships will help you financially and make more comfortable to make a decision.