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Kindergarten Homework: The Use, Benefits, Kinds and Online Help Available

By Phillip L'Hoette
20 Apr, 2017

A child is the father of man
All of us have come across this idiom sometimes in our lives. Human beings are very sensitive to the environment. We start developing habits right from our infancy. Kindergarten is the stage where preparations are made to guide children up to their school lives. Incorporation of manners, habits, basic letter recognitions is done at this level with kindergarten homework.
For years this traditional process has taken its course, and some parents have even started to send their young ones to preschools for educational advancement. Many effects and side effects caused due to homework have left people wondering,‘is homework pressure given to kindergarten students nowadays, even valid?’
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Is homework for kindergarteners useful?
Yes, homework is a proven way for teachers and tutors or even parents to judge the ability and efficiency of the student. Pupils develop a time management strategy along with through reading habit by this method.

How is homework beneficial to kindergarteners?

  • Homework can bring out the doubt of your child.

Even if your child understands the letters or can recite the rhyme, doing the homework can bring forward even the minute doubt left behind. Many times, children might not just be putting their attention first. This lack of attention is also highlighted during the presentation of the homework.

  • Homework can build public speaking confidence.

Kindergarten homework often involves recitation. Your child might be asked to learn a poem at home after the teacher has finished teaching it at class. This poem is later asked to be recited in the class, and your child’s memory power and obedience towards the completion of the directed task can be easily checked.

  • Homework can develop character.

Characteristics and personality of the child are influenced by punctuality, confidence, and appraisal as the end products of doing the directed work.

  • Homework can teach time management.

Just like grown-upkids, small essential assignments can teach the children to work efficiently with time. A better management of time and a sense of responsibility can be developed.
What kind of kindergarten homework should be given to children?
Keeping in mind, the age of the kindergarteners, the exercises should be very carefully selected by the teachers.

  • Reciting exercises: all sorts of recitals like songs, poems, hymns, etc.
  • Letter and number practicing
  • Coloring exercises: filling of color inside drawn objects of various shapes.
  • Name writing exercises: like writing thename of 4 animals.

Our children are precious to us. Kindergarten is the time when they need to be placed under effective means of learning. Studies have shown us that children between the ages of 3-6 are more capable and open to learning new things. The values taught to children at this phase go deep in the ‘hippocampus’ of the brain and get registered for eternity.
Kindergarten homework can be a great way to teach our children the value of goodness. But the busy schedule of today’s world has forced us to be less available to aid our children. Many types of research have shown the benefits of interactions with young children. To aid in the most common and diverse problem of the modernization struck families, online education help has come up like a boon.

How exactly does the online homework help kindergarteners?

  • Audio-visual training:

This method of learning provides the kids with pictures or cartoon representations of various things, animals’ humans, food, etc. along with audios to learn how to pronounce and spell.

  • Interactive screenplay:

This is a wide range of services that these online sites provide. It varies from different types of games like picking the named item or touching the area of the named object. These interactive things teach the correct answers too and are a great exercise for the kids.

  • Recognition exercises:

Brief videos are shown at the starting of the exercises. Once the video ends, the child is asked to answer some basic and video related questions. This is a very addictive exercise for kids.

  • Storytelling:

Thousands of children books are installed to these sites, which are usually translated to over a 100 different languages. These stories are recited by the installed voice algorithm in various languages (in caseyou are busy to read bedtime stories to your child). This is a very interesting service that has been provided by numerous sites. Audio-visualsare also narrated from various famous fairytales. These folk tales usually have moral teachings at the end.
An excellent help for your tiny tots:
Kindergarten homework is as mentioned, is a genuine help to enhance your child’s vocabulary. Your child learns the most important lesson of life, i.e., education is not contained within the four walls of the classroom.
Many parents might be busy with their schedules, but they need not worry anymore now. Just an online enrolling of their ward is standing in the way. With a budget friendly deal, now our children can learn much more in a fun way, even after their school is over.

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