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Is Homework Necessary for High School Students? Find out the Answer!

By Phillip L'Hoette
16 Apr, 2016

It is a debatable topic, is homework necessary for high school students? There are many people who will support the concept of homework while others will object with this idea. Though there is n hard and fast rule that students should be assigned with homework, but it is basically followed to help students score well in exam. But, is doing homework enough to score well? Firstly, it becomes vital for schools and colleges to adopt different learning techniques that can ensure productivity. Once the right style is adopted, it becomes easier for students to grasp their respective subject.
Homework is assigned over term or summer holidays. This can lead to excessive stress to children and can lead to depression. You need to plan up a homework schedule that can make sure to get some free time even after completing assignment.
Different learning styles available
It is quite obvious to feel frustrated with a single tip that becomes applicable for all. As an educational institute it is important for management to understand that every individual would come up with the ability to adopt different learning styles. There are three different styles available:

  1. Auditory:

Most of the students are involved into auditory technique. As students need to listen and understand concepts. Some can easily related different concepts which finally help them to get into depth of any subject.

  1. Kinesthetic:

People who are inclined towards such style should actively involve into something that helps in effective learning. They can surely grasp up the concept well once project is completed.

  1. Visual:

Some students may learn only through proper demonstration either that can be through charts, graphs or slides. It creates an impression on mind of students which help them to memorize concept.
Therefore, students need to understand their own style before getting into any learning. Is homework necessary for high school students? Can be a million dollar questions! As some students do have the ability to get into any concepts through homework while others fail to manage it. Students usually learn effectively when they listen to something. Attending a lecture attentively can surely help to get proper explanation.
Is homework necessary for high school students?
Homework comes up with different advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to know its benefits? Here are few lists of it:

  • Time management and study skills developed:

Through homework it is possible to manage work on time. So, you need to plan up the schedule well which can act as a useful skill to enter into higher studies. Once you become capable of managing time, it becomes lifetime learning. Doing homework earlier becomes a habit and not any inconveniences.

  • Teachers can track progress:

Homework is the only way through which teachers can keep a track of studentรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs progress. Is homework necessary for high school students? In this case, the answer turns out to be รขโ‚ฌล“YESรขโ‚ฌย as the students who are struggling with content can surely seek help from experts which can understand the level of understanding of students.

  • Students get engaged into studies:

No matter whether students spend their whole day Tin school, but it is not sufficient enough to grasp up subject with allocated time. Through homework students can easily revise content that is learnt in academic life. Once you are away from all kind of distractions and friends. There is an opportunity to get involved in subject well.
Disadvantages of doing homework

  • Homework does not add up to any value:

Though teachers work hard to give homework to students and engage their time, but it hardly comes up with any such additional value. The amount of work assigned will surely involve a good amount of time which can either be invested in some other effective task.

  • Consume good amount of time:

It is the most common arguments against homework. Most of the people feel that homework consumes a good amount of time which your child could have spent with families or get involved in any other activities. School need to focus on giving minimal amount of homework which finally helps them to manage part time and casual work simultaneously.
Is homework necessary for high school students? It is really impossible to say as there are pros and cons to it. But, surely there is a way out to manage homework and also find sufficient time for yourself that can give opportunity to manage extra curriculum activities.
Helping students with homework
Parents can get involved into studies of their children. It proves their interest on their kids and also makes sure to offer proper guidance. Though schools would not eliminate the idea of giving homework to students, but there are ways through which work can be managed with absolute ease. As a parent you can get involved by:

  • Sharing your ideas and concern related to homework assigned by teacher to your children.
  • Divide a time limit between school activities and personal one so that homework and family time can be managed well.
  • Is homework necessary for high school students? This will surely ask for parental support as they can offer a suitable area for studying that is equipped with necessary tools to complete work.
  • Encourage child to take up notes related to homework as this would find answers to questions that may evoke in mind.

Is homework truly necessary?
There are many teachers who will assign homework in order to improve study technique. Memorization of material is possible through homework is what thought by every teachers and professors! Practicing through different homework problems make sure that you eliminate all the wrong method. According to a research, there are many math teachers who can surely get an idea about students understanding of concepts after checking five equations.
Is homework necessary for high school students? Teachers believe that through homework it can certainly increase standardized test scores. But, there are many countries where teachers emphasize on giving minimal homework. High school students would seek for parental assistance in regard to their homework so that they can eliminate the problems related to subject. Students should only assign an hour time to do their homework so that they can focus on their main course or other activities.