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Improve the Skill of Decision Making Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

So to start a discussion on this topic, let us first consider a fact. Suppose we need to take a decision. Do we really put into consideration all the facts and what would happen in the future if various other decisions were taken? No, we just take a decision out of a snap, and hope for the best for all the consequences to happen in the future.

There are some basic processes important for decision making:

  1. First and foremost, the choices are needed to be identified
  2. Whether that choice will be beneficial for the person
  • Others should also be considered, whether they would be affected and how
  1. The individual’s future should also be taken into consideration
  2. Finally, conclude all the facts and make the decision

Generally, we miss out on the 3rd and 4th points and go on to make a decision.  Thus, it is extremely important that when making a certain decision, all the facts and points should be considered and also how it would affect the other persons and the decision maker’s future when going for it.

Here we will get to know how can we improve the decision making homework answers skills and other facts regarding this topic.

Apart from the above points there are some essential techniques that is required for decision making homework answers:

  1. Establish the requirements
  2. Options to be identified
  3. Pros and cons are to be shortlisted
  4. The worst case scenario on taking a certain decision is important

For improving the skills and improve the decision making homework answers, assessing student’s understanding is important. Students are required to:

  1. Make a list of the personal decisions they have had to make
  2. What and whether did they do well on taking a certain decision
  3. What are they doing differently and how, after they have learned how to make a decision
  4. Ask the students to think about any currently faced situations and how are they taking the decisions on it.
  5. Also, ask the students to be told to take help of a graphical organiser for a better understanding. It may be of the situations that they are facing right now so that it might be quite easy for them to take the decision.
  6. Consideration of each point carefully, and the thinking map to be set
  7. Examples of – when a decision is required to be made, the issue and the problem to be identified, how can it be done, whether seeking help is needed
  8. More opportunities should be given to the learner

There is another important topic regarding this, i.e., the decision-making wheel.

This is a graphic illusionary method to help us understand and point at all the factors that is essential while making a decision. Sometimes making a decision focusing on certain points and sometimes we tend to forget other important facts.

This wheel is an illustration which helps us to track every point in our mind while we think about the other facts too. While practising, it also helps a lot in decision making homework answers.

There are 9 choices in this wheel, and we need to think about each of them and how they are related etc.

decision making homework answers

Teaching the kids:

Teaching kids the importance of decision making is an important part of enabling them to make to correct choices in their future. Decision making homework answers should be practised by them. There are online courses to choose from, and it’s an essential part of that every student requires following.

  1. Autonomy support

With their age and responsibility provide them with structure and input and let them completely make their decisions. When parents or an adult overrules their decision, it can never help them in improving or learning any concept of decision making. It is our responsibility to let the children grow their own sense of autonomy, thus without making any decision for them, let them take the decisions.

  1. Teach Values
  2. Values determine the quality of a decision: Children actually knows the importance or value of a certain thing through discussion. Discuss positive things with them like honesty, moral stories, caring and respect. It helps them to take the right path for taking decisions.
  3. Also helping the older ones to choose wisely: Though they require the same consideration as of the younger ones, however, they will also benefit from having extra levels of responsibility and autonomy.
  4. Helping young ones to choose wisely: We should first make a strong base under them before moving to a complex topic. With proper foundation and skills, we should let them choose wisely on even complex situations as they improve with their maturity.
  • Require Responsibility

Children should be handed responsibility towards the family by starting with simple decision making factors. Starting with the basics like feeding their pets or giving them pocket money so that they can have proper management of maintaining it and other small activities that require a certain decision. Thus these opportunities can help develop their own sense of responsibilities and improve their decision making skills.

  1. Chances and practices to improve

Parents and guardians should know that with experience, time and maturity a child can develop his decision making skills. So it is important to spend time with them and practice and let them make decisions by taking small steps at a time. Starting with the basics, simple choices and slowly moving towards complex situations as their abilities and skills improve.