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Importance of Phonetics for Developing Your Child’s Literacy Skill

by Oct 13, 2016Homework Solutions

Every parent has a desire that their child must learn how to read efficiently. This is not only desired by parents, but their teachers also want their students to learn and improve their skills. This is because having the ability of reading has become indeed a necessity to succeed and survive in society these days.

Now it has proved that phonetics is the best way for your kids to learn how to read. You must be curious about knowing what phonic is and Importance of Phonetics for developing your child’s literary skill.

What is phonetics?

This is a technique for teaching writing and reading of the English language by developing learning. It is also considered as the ability to identify, hear and manipulate phonemes. This is used to teach communication between spelling patterns and sounds that represent them. This will help your children in using the knowledge to interpret new words that they hear or see. This is considered as the first crucial step of learning how to read.

This is a way of teaching kids to read skillfully. It helps in teaching how to –

  • Identify the sounds that every individual letter makes.
  • Recognize the sounds that have different combinations of letter make, like as “oo” or “sh”.
  • Blend those sounds jointly from left to right to form a word.

Many types of research have shown that if it is taught in a structured way, starting from easiest sounds and moving ahead through the most difficult can be the most helpful way for teaching your children reading. It is effective especially for children who belong to 5 to 7 years of age group.

Almost all kids who got taught right phonic learn the skills that are needed to handle a new word. They can move forward by reading any text confidently and fluently. They will also start enjoying reading books. Children learned reading through phonic can read books more accurately the others. This includes children who find reading tough or children who have dyslexia.

If you are willing to teach phonic but you don’t know how you should begin with or how you should teach your kids there is no need to be worried about you can find online professional help. As many professional help are available online these days.

Key to learning how to read

As mentioned above it is a way to taught reading.  You cannot learn reading successfully if you are unaware of the relationship between letters sounds and letters. This technique is the key that helps you in understanding this relationship. This also provides you with the knowledge about how they are connected to form a word that you see in printed text form.

This is one of the primary reasons that make phonics something crucial for developing the literary skills of your child.

Helps in spelling correctly

The phonic reading indeed is imperative for the development of a child’s literary skills. This fact has already proven in many reports published worldwide in recent years. According to these reports, this helps children in many ways. In the first instance, this is very crucial for helping kids to learn how they can spell a word.

It will be something impossible for a person to spell a note correctly if that person is unable to identify the sound of the letters used in making that word. When kids are taught with this method, they will be able to spell it properly as they can identify the sounds of the letters used for making that word.

Helps in improving skills and efficiency

Many children face problem in reading. This is because sometimes they don’t identify the sounds of letters that are in a word and sometimes because they have any medical situation. This method helps them in identifying and connects sounds of the letters of the word they are reading.

This helps them in improving their efficiency and skills. In other words, if the phonic teaching is removed from the curriculum it will become very difficult for children to develop their reading skills.

Helps in improving the fluency

The phonic reading also helps in improving the fluency in reading. When it comes to reading fluency is considered as one of the major aspects. In reading fluency is meant for reading fast it also means reading correctly.

If your child is taught phonic accurately, it will make reading easy for them. Your kids will not only be able to read correctly but also speedily. Reading speedily and accurately is another reason or benefits of phonic reading that makes it necessary.

Helps in improving reading comprehension

This is also essential for the improvement of reading comprehension. It must be difficult for people to understand a word that is not pronounced correctly. When kids learn how to pronounce any word very well, they will be able to comprehend they are reading.

This is another benefit that one gets from phonetics and makes it essential for the development a child’s literary skills. This will also help your child in acquiring more vocabulary.

Helps in improving confidence

Excellent reading skills along with accuracy and fluency will improve your child’s confidence. Even if your child is not good at studies, he should stand out and have confidence in him. This is because they have skills that are hidden and crucial.

If you have taught your children phonic, they must be enjoying their reading. You can also include it in one among the 5 Tips to make your assignment interesting. As they will find it interesting, they can read any text or assignment confidently and fluently.