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How to Write Perfect Essays for an English Assignment

by Jun 16, 2016Homework Help

Writing good essay in English is an art and it is the most common assignment given to students by their teachers in school. There is nothing to worry about writing an essay. If you ca rightly spend your time for planning and developing, then you will have nothing to stress about and your essay will be done within a short while.
How to write perfect essays for your English assignment?
You may wonder that your best friend write an essay within few minutes while you take hours to think and still can’t write more than a page. Instead of feeling frustrated, you must take a look at different methods which will help you to write a perfect essay within the stipulated time. The following are some easy tips:

  • Fix certain time for your essay:

Make sure to give adequate time to make the draft of the essay. Be strict with your time and concentrate.

  • Prepare and then sit down and write:

On your ready draft, start putting some contents to it. You can always add some extra contents later while revising.

  • Form an introduction:

Writing an interesting introduction is the tricky thing you have to do. You will have to woo your readers so that they don’t get diverted away from reading your essay.

  • Try to make outline of your essay:

Now is the time to think about the body of the essay. You can write few words or few scattered sentences, which will later help you to write it down.

  • Gather all the notes and necessary materials:

Before you start writing your essay, try to collect all the notes and materials needed to write your essay. Keep the rough draft ready before you begin.

  • Add topic sentences while starting a new paragraph:

As a topic sentence helps a reader to understand what the paragraph will discuss about. That doesn’t mean you have to summarize the entire paragraph in a topic sentence, but it will help the readers to get the flavor.

  • Try to provide minute details in your essay:

Try to provide as much details as possible.

  • Write a perfect conclusion:

In the conclusion you just need to sum up whatever has been discussed in the whole essay. You can suggest a need for future research, or you can speculate on how the future economy may change from the present situation.

  • Keep adequate time for your essay:

As writing an essay requires a lot of time, energy and passion, so do not keep it for the last moment. Try to assign sufficient time for your essay.
Are you still finding it difficult to accomplish a perfect English essay assignment? Instead of worrying about your essay, as a parent you can suggest him or some more tips of writing perfect essay. Build their confidence first that he can write a perfect essay too, just some preparations are needed. You must help your kid in building that monument of self- confidence.
Be the first to tell him how to write perfect essays for an English assignment
Let him read the essay questions:
Being a parent you must teach him to read the essay question and to note down the following:

  • Let him use the dictionary to find out the meaning of unknown words.
  • Key words need to be highlighted.
  • The topic words like “Romeo” in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” needs to be identified before writing them.

Must do the necessary research work before writing an essay:

  • Try to write notes on your own words.
  • Select the relevant and necessary sources from your background research.
  • Try to use some relevant quotations, to make your essay more enriched.

As you are worried about your English essay, sometimes you may wonder how to do Chemistry and other science homework also. If you are sincere, patient and a diligent worker then how can school assignments on Chemistry made easy will not worry you. Besides if you are keen to write the best essay then you must read a lot of books. Whenever you are free try to utilize the time by engaging yourself in reading. The more avid a reader you are, chances of delivering the best essay increases. If writing essay is like a challenge for you then you should keep the following things under consideration.
Write the perfect essay for an English assignment:

  1. Read the essays of your senior or other people’s:

Like reading books, you should practice reading other people’s essays, as it will help you to learn the style of writing. You must read essays from all aspects and not just within your syllabus. The more you read the essays of your peers and seniors, it will be easier for you to learn the different essay writing techniques and also read critically and think about why that person wrote in this way and that way. It will enable you to increase your thinking capability too.

  1. Read newspapers and magazines:

Besides, reading essays and story books you should imbibe the habit of reading newspapers and current affairs magazine on a daily basis.

  1. Learn the usage of words for arising an argument:

While reading an essay or an article try to focus on the special words and the language used during an argument. You must avoid using repetition of same words like also and etc. you can improvise your language by using words like “however”, “moreover” and “furthermore”. These words will help your readers glued till the end.

  1. Try to build up your vocabulary:

If you want to write perfect essay, then you must have a strong sense of vocabulary. Whenever you come across a new word, note down in your personal diary and write the meaning after searching the dictionary. Before you start writing your essay, you can keep that diary just beside you and then consider new words, languages and relevant quotations to your essay.In this way, your essay will turn from a simple one to an extraordinary one.

  1. Try to write in a free- way, by inserting other people’s views:

One of the best way to keep the readers engrossed with your essay is by putting some real life experiences. In that way, your essay will be more like a real story than a monotonous lecture.
If you can follow the above mentioned tips, then you are bound to succeed in your essay competition. You may even be awarded for submitting the perfect essay for an English assignment in your school.