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How to Understand Chemistry through Real-Life Examples?

by Oct 2, 2016Chemistry

Are you one of those mothers who are tired reprimanding her children to study chemistry in a proper manner? Welcome to my world! As a mother, whose son absolutely has no interest in this subject, it has been quite a difficult job for me to make my son sit down and teach this subject.
Well, it is not just me but having a talk with a number of other mothers as well, I quite found the problem to be similar. It is under such state of affairs that I decided to consult the school counsellor to help my son progress in this subject. It is after a round of discussions that I finally found something that to a great extent helped my child in garnering some positive response towards this subject.
Today, here I am sharing some tips that could also help you in finding out a path that could help you guide your children towards studying of chemistry in a better manner. I am sure, the techniques and strategy mentioned would be of great help to you as well!
Science and its real-life significance:
Quite surprisingly, students though have a personal belief that science is a difficult subject to master, yet it is this branch of study that ensures that students get a practical view of the topics that are being discussed in every chapter.
Courtesy to my knowledge of science in high school, it was quite easy for me to track down these aspects and make sure that my son got a better view of the scientific world that could make his study of this subject easier and better. It is to ease this process that I decided on explaining some of the important concepts and details to him by means ofreal-life explanations.
How does real life example make things better for a student?
This is an experiment that I had undertaken with my son, and since it was a successful venture, I could surely vouch for the fact that it would help in clearing concepts for your child as well.

  • Giving him the actual slice of life scenario:

Since my son loves using sprays, once it so happened that I made him use this spray and then explained the concept of Boyle’s law to him. As there was a practical example before him, naturally understanding process for him became easier and lucid.

  • I made him hold the can and shake it as per instructions.
  • Then I explained to him how the gas content that is within the can had been pressurised to retain its liquid format even post the boiling point.
  • It is this gas that is held within and with anozzle that is there, it searches for an escape route. Once, this nozzle is pressed, this gas gets an escape route and finally comes out.
  • In this way, I explained the basic concept of Boyle’s law to him.

Here, I would like to mention that the boy who absolutely detested the very sight of his chemistry book, actually took the initiative of asking further queries and made sure that with every process, he cross-checked with the contents of the book.
The success of this explanation surely gave me the courage to try out other techniques that ensured that his explanation was bettered with every step. Most importantly, post this experiment, my son tried to analyse all by himself what were those other areas where such changes were taking place, and whether he could relate them to actual situations.

  • Carrying out safe experiments at home:

Since most of the chemistry related experiments are quite difficult, hence to explain changes in state of any product was quite a difficult feat. Though I had already explained to him what difference between physical and chemical changes was and how it affects regular life, there were still certain concepts that needed clarification.
To ensure that such temperature and pressure related concepts were clarified, I tried out some other experiments.

  • I dropped a light stick into hot water before him to show the change in its intensity, thereby explaining role of high temperature.
  • Though initially, he was scared, via this physical experiment, and many such small experiments little concepts became all the more clear to him.

Since, I had noticed a gradual change in his perception of chemistry as a subject, I can surely assure you that both these ways of actually placing your child in that position and showing him how certain products react in certain manners, would help him or her develop a better understanding of the case, thereby ensuring a gradual interest level.
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  • Checking out video lessons:

This was another important way that I tried out to ensure that I could guide my son in the correct path. With the presence of YouTube and a host of other professional websites, getting video lessons to understand topics is no big deal.
However, I too like most mothers was initially not very supportive of this process. However, later being introduced to this new world of video lessons, I can surely state that there is no better way to explain chemistry with a slice of life added to it than such lessons.

  • These video lessons ensured that my child was guided in the correct path and that professional experts portrayed those important topics that required his special attention via video modes.
  • Also, these videos had options to upload any experiment that the viewer had tried out. Naturally, this gave a better insight to those concepts that mere bookish knowledge could not clarify for my son.

Thus, on the whole, by means of such real techniques I ensured that my son started taking greater interest in the subject, and viewed the aspects related to Chemistry in a better manner.
Do you have any suggestions? You can surely post them and share your ideas as well!