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How to Reduce Fear of Homework for Students? Tips for Parents and Teacher

by Jun 16, 2016Homework Help

‘’Who invented the concept of homework?’’ screamed my little brother the moment he entered the house. Tired after a hard day at school, irritation was evident in his face and clearly the reason was the excessive homework that was piled on to him every other day.
It was not just the problem with my brother that I found to be disturbing, but as an education counsell or it was a huge issue for me as well! The primary concern as to why my students or parents came in with the same query years after years was a matter of deep concern. Wishing to put such queries to rest, I decided on to take up certain important issues associated with this homework routine, and check out exactly where students were missing out.
It was not just about students, but also as teachers and parents, it is important that certain aspects be clarified before actually making a decision in regards to such an important subject. It was imperative on part of parents and teachers to make sure that their ward do not miss out on the important aspects of their life in regards to this homework.
Before dealing with this, it is important to check out from which point the problem arises.
What is the main motive of homework?
It has been often seen that parents of students request their teachers to give in substantial homework, since their wards do not sit down with their books at home. From this, it is evident that it is mainly to keep children engaged and to make sure that they get proper revision of that subject that makes teachers give homework to students and parents support them.
However, in most cases, it so happens that students tend to get so engrossed in that work that they forget to leave out their life. This on the contrary results in their getting into a depressed zone and losing out life as a whole.
Why can this be dangerous?
This sudden change in mood though noticed immediately, however, for parents this does not hold much concern. Initially they think that this is a result of daily pressure. However, on a daily schedule this could result in a depression of students.
This constant depression actually results in deadening of certain tissues in the mind. Hence, in this way, students can actually get into modes of inner turmoil and depression. This fear needs to be reduced on an immediate basis.
How can parents and teachers be helpful?
It is here that the main query comes along. Nobody can understand a child’s mind more than the parents. Also, in terms of academic performance, the teacher is the best guide. Hence, in this respect it is important that they should be given proper attention from both these sides.
Hence, it is imperative that certain tips be followed to make sure that students are in a better position.
Tips for parents:
No doubt that every parent thinks the best for their ward. However at times their over protectiveness can land them into certain psychological problems associated with their child. Top avoid those moments, it is best that they should follow certain tips.

  • Allow the child some alone time before dragging him to homework. This will give him some freedom and allow him to make sure that the ward gets some time to pursue his hobbies.
  • Parents should not pressurize students into completing the work. A minimal target is given, however, there is no need for pulling on the child at every instant for failure of completion.
  • Whenever a child is to be scolded, it should be done in a polite but firm manner. The children should not fear homework, but enjoy revision process. They should always make sure that students understand concepts and not merely mug them up for the heck of completing the work.
  • Ample break should be provided to students. This helps in refreshing of their mind. They should spend some quality time with parents discussing happenings of the day.
  • Wards should be given a time limit. Stringent action should never be taken for not adhering to it, but at the same time, polite reprimanding is acceptable.
  • Finally, the fear should be taken out from them by means of talking to the children. Nothing can be better than sharing of problems with parents. This helps a student to reduce burden to a great extent.

Once some of these tips are followed, it is probable that students will get a new understanding and hope towards approaching homework.
Well, not just parents, but even teachers need to be very cautious to reduce this fear from the student’s mind since they are a primary source of it. So, they need to follow some steps to make sure that such problems do not arise anymore. Most importantly, students should enjoy the process of learning, not get intimidated by it.
Tips for teachers:
Since they are the propagators of giving homework, so they need to be careful in the first place!

  • Make sure that concepts are well understood by students individually before giving homework. Students generally are fearful of those subjects that they don’t understand. So firstly this fear needs to be overcome by means of the subject itself.
  • Students should be given homework in a balanced manner. This helps in making sure that they do not feel overburdened that could later develop into fear. This balance is important for managing psychology of students.
  • Punishment is to be reduced. Children at times due to extra intimidation tend to lose interest in the subject, or school in the whole. They stop reacting and take in whatever punishment they are given. This needs to be monitored. Punishment should be given for non-completion of homework, yet it should never be stringent. Rather politeness is to be maintained with a firm tone.
  • Counselling is a very important thing. This does not only imply talking, rather there should be certain games, and other activities that makes sure that students lose fear of school and books and teachers. This to a great extent would automatically result in reduction of fear for homework.

These are certain steps that if followed can actually benefit students to a great extent that could benefit even parents and teachers. Since, it is the benefit and happiness of students that matters most to them.
Education should never be forced. It is a ‘’delight to learn when taught in correct spirit’’. Hence it is important that true value of this is maintained to a great extent.
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