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How to Overcome the Fear of Mathematics During Your Final Examination? – In Details

by May 26, 2017Mathematics

Mathematics! A subject of concern for many. Mathematics is such a matter that increases the flexibility of human brain to face all the hindrance in our day to day life.

The struggle of math in every student’s life

The subject is about patience and more of practice. Maybe this is the reason, most of the students fear math or avoid it considering it as one of the toughest subjects. However, the saddest fact of life is math is an integral part of our life. You will need it in every step of personal and professional calculations.

So considering its importance in our daily life, it is crucial to study the subject well in academic life. However, the thing is most of the math hater students do ignore this topic the whole year and finally somehow attempts to manage to pass the examination. The ultimate result tends to be zero.

Tips to overcome fear in math:

The struggle of the students must be understood. The cause for their ignoring math. It is fear. Maybe fear to fail. So there must be some way out of the solution?

So here are some strategies for all those students who are miserably stuck with mathematics before their exams. These are nothing but some instances to overcome your panic over the subject.

  1. Customise your mood give a start

You can take help from your parents or teacher and make a schedule which you must follow on a regular basis. Then start following the routine with zero distractions in the meanwhile. Just read the sums and try to understand the catch point of it.

Now break the sum into several easy steps, and it will no more be the terrible amount. If you cannot manage the quantity at any cost then, take help from your guardian or your tutor. It is not at all advisable to copy from some others copy.

  1. Gather courage and self-confidence

Just try motivating yourself to work hard and keep building it up as your habit. Keep all the distractions away from you, at least at the time when sitting in the study. You can also try meditation. Sit down and study as you do even if you do not have any homework to do. Motivate yourself with the small achievements.

  1. Revise the recent classwork

I said earlier that there are only few students who like doing math homework. However, if the homework can be solved with honesty, it would have been genuinely helpful. So yes you just read it. Homework is useful.

To begin with, math homework, revise all the sums which you had already solved in your class. This would boost up your mind and encourage you to answer more. You must know that if you do not feel quite interested in the subject, you can never overcome it.

  1. Try group study and converse with your teacher

After you are done with your stuff, mark down or make a list in a paper. Then you can call on your friends at leisure and discuss your ideas. Group study will let you know your point and will make you feel confident. Even if you find yourself lagging behind, you can easily cope up with it.

By this group discussion sessions, one can easily participate in a fair competition where you get the chance to improve yourself. Not only this you can get an opportunity to compare your notes and correct your flaws.

Whatever you do your focus should be clearing the underlying concepts. You might not feel comfortable in sharing your doubts with friends, but you can easily ask it from your teacher. If you do not understand it at once, then ask your teacher twice. The more you will interact with your teacher; you are giving your teacher a chance to understand you and your doubts. Spout aside your shyness and be communicative.

  1. Take breaks

While working down with your homework, of course, you need to concentrate on your studies but at the same time take intervals. It is said that human brains are machines so if you do not let the machine take rest or it might burst out. No, I am just kidding, but yes human brain requires rest. So just don’t forget to take frequent intervals.

Parents are the best guide for every student:

  • Parents and teachers of students who are struggling with maths should have to be well aware of their kid’s activity.
  • They must be kept under proper supervision.
  • Let them realise the penalties of not studying mathematics the whole year. Well, that might result to score poor marks. However, that will lead to increase responsibility towards homework. Sometimes getting severe consequences motivate kids for their good. They could self-justify the need of working hard.
  • Parents must also encourage their kid and make them realise the fact that their effort has given them a fruitful result.
  • Motivate your child to work hard and also give them an incentive.
  • Spend some time with them while they study that will let you know their trouble.
  • Sometimes punishments and rewards also work simultaneously.

Every teacher’s role:

Teachers are also well aware of his or her students because in the life of a student, a teacher plays a real vital role in a life of a student. Their encouragement or punishment means a lot.

However, there can be thousands of solutions to every problem but the point is what you will choose.  Now it is your part to work on it and apply them in your life. We always want our kids’ happiness and comfort. So students do not feel frustrated and work on it being calm.

Practice consistently will surely help you reach the desired position.However, to overcome the hardships of mathematics homework before the exam, it is compulsory to work hard the whole year.

So what are you waiting for? Start practising the terrible ones from today itself. Gather patience and develop confidence. This will help you to pass in your math finals. Who does not like being the one among the top grades! Therefore no more of worries just transform your happy stress-free days in just a few easy steps!