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How to Manage After Forgetting English Assignments at Home?

by Aug 28, 2016English

Students face a similar problem so rarely. Because there are English assignments to complete regularly and they are important as well! So what makes a student forget homework or assignment at home above all? It has two-folded explanations. First you might really forget it and the second one you are just facing a problem called ‘delayed action.’ But it doesn’t matter what cause is driving it the fact doest change that you have forgotten your assignment. It means serious consequences, as in:

  • You will get zero marks for that particular English assignment.
  • Your teacher will think you are lying.
  • There is going to build up bad reputation among teachers.
  • That is going to seriously harm your exam preparation.

These are just some of many you will face. But if you have really forgot your homework at home then there are some simple steps that you can try for recovering:

  • It’s time to call your parents!

No matter how weird it sounds but yes it time that you contact your family members for retrieving your assignment papers for you. You can either ask them to send it to you by mail or just come to school or University for delivering it to you. But before doing that you must never forget to explain this situation to your teacher. Make sure you present every possible point to earn some sympathy in the process too. You can always blame inappropriate homely atmosphere if there are some chances.

  • Did you save it?

While you were doing your English assignment, did you save it? You must never ignore this as it can actually save you in real time. Saving the assignment in your computer and laptop is good enough. But you can actually reach to a highest security level by saving it online. If you didn’t try it ever then always remember the words spoken by Charles Kettering, “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”

  • Sent your assignment to yourself!

As I mentioned that you should save your matter online, best policy is to try this method by sending a mail to your email address with the file as attachment. That way you can actually access to that paper anywhere anytime. Else you can save it in archives. This helps in a large way. You just have to access an internet connection nearby and print out the matter from your email ID.

  • Ask them to fax it:

If you have a fax machine with a scanner attached to it in your house then it probably will seem as the happiest news of your life for that moment. I know how heartbreaking it is when someone gets zero marks on assignments even after they have already worked on it but just forgot it at house by chance! Call your parents or anyone in your house and tell them to fax the matter to you.

  • Request your teacher for more time:

This generally means you are probably fixed with a good reputation among teachers. Only then your teacher will even try to help you from coming out of this situation. Ask your teacher for more time if you have no other choice for getting that English assignment from your house. Plead them to help you by providing time till the next day so that you can bring it from your house in your next class.
These are just following those terms when the case is connected with truth. But if you are actually lying for this matter and your real purpose is to get more time for English assignment then you should give valid reasons that are effective like:

  • Prepare some false events:

As Albert Einstein has said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, make sure you follow this when venting some false events that apparently affected your ability to complete assignment on time. There are frequent cases when parents quarrel without a single speck of worry of their children’s homework and assignment. It might not always be the case but you can use this for a reason one or hardly twice.

  • Pretend to be sick!

This trick will only work when you’re not a person to get sick very easily. That way when you mention this to your teacher it will definitely create some sympathy in their heart. But this should also be adjusted with your replies hardly once or twice. Using it as a last case scenario is what I am meaning here.

  • Get ready to blame technology:

You can try this if you are computer savvy and have total control over technological applications. Use some codes to crack the file and send it to your teacher. That way he or she cannot open it or will see some cryptic notes for a change! But the most challenging part is to get ready and blame it on technology in your next class. Present yourself absolutely as a victim of the demon called technology that actually destroyed your efforts on assignment to be exact!

  • Get online help:

This is the best possible solution to finish them faster when there is a deadline coming this fast at your direction. There are websites who help students in their assignments and homework. Simply search for a trustworthy one and ask for help. They are faster way to get your English assignments done without any worries.

  • A headstrong decision to tell truth:

Be aware as this might not always be a good decision because your teacher will take it as your arrogance to not complete your English assignment yet telling truth for not completing it on time. But if still it hurts your pride to tell any lies and come out with true reasons for not completing it on time then definitely take this way. Some teachers will remember your honesty for this matter. If it is on the way and almost complete then don’t forget to ask for time to finish it.
I only faced this situation once in my school life. Even after telling the truth I was scolded for it. Personal reasons were there which was impossible to scribe at that moment. But I was never disheartened as I remember the words of Robert T. Kiyosaki that “Failure defeats losers but failure inspires winners.”
This you should always remember that finishing assignments on time and earlier above all can actually grab you some extra perks! Try following 10 ways to handle University assignments quickly. It is a good habit in the first place and will improve your skills likewise. Ignoring assignments will affect you future results too. So prepare yourself from its beginning.