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How to Inspire Your Friends Regarding Doing Regular Assignments?

by Oct 1, 2016Assignment Help

It may be one of the toughest responsibilities but have you thought of its great effects in your life also? Who can live a life without friends and acquaintances? You may have found out the importance of doing homework or assignments but when you are trying to focus, your friend may distract against doing assignments. In this situation neither can you built up your concentration nor can you tell them to leave you alone until your assignment is over.
So, why not inspire them instead! Tell themto do the same assignment with you regularly. That way you can ‘use a single arrow to kill two birds’. You will be able to do assignment faster without any distraction and the mood will be uplifted as you are enjoying the company of your best buddies. But the trick to inspire them may not be simple. They might feel complete negative about doing regular school assignments.
Inspiring them will require your full support and efforts. You have to bring them back in track and show the positivity it has in lives of students who want a bright future. “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

  • Learn what is stopping them?

Usually doing regular assignments are common for any students no matter how boring they are. It has importance in their grading system. But if someone is willingly avoiding them then there must be some reason. After all you are doing them so why not your friends? Is it a game they like, a plan they have or just avoiding because it’s boring. Try to pursue them and tell you that particular reason or reasons. Make sure there is a strong bond of trust built between you and your friends. Without that your mission will just fail devastatingly.

  • Don’t judge their emotion same as you:

They may have difficult situation while trying to handle tough assignments or just a fear to fail at last. Don’t judge them and their emotion or make fun of them. Try to consider the fact that we all are different beings. Try to involve further into this matter by discussing with them. Remember that if you don’t understand the root cause behind their ignorance the success is impossible.

  • They can be cooler with good grades:

I am sure by doing regular homework and assignment you have built your reputation and gain good grades. But your friends may not seem to notice this side of you yet? Try to influence them by being a real-life inspiration. But be cautious not to be over expressive about your own reputation. It will annoy them and your relationship may receive damage.
Just be regular and tell them how you have received this success. Try sharing reasons behind your success. Share those websites that help you in doing assignments. Show them how you got access and how handy they are when you want to practice.

  • The conditions applied here:

You are not their parent so don’t nag them for assignments. They may have plans already. Tell them it is completely a free choice when and how they want to do their homework or assignments but the conditions are applied. If they fail that means tough weeks later with no outings at all! So it is better to avoid those dire situations by preparing beforehand and finish assignment on time.

  • Don’t ignore when they fail to do good:

Friends are the best thing in school and college right? So just because they have received an ‘F’ you shouldn’t avoid or ignore them. Their bitterness will grow and they will start to distrust any friend in future. It is a lesson for you and a lesson for them. If you stay close, this inseparable trust and bond can inspire them to walk that same road with you. They will come out from their ignorance and will try hard to reach the destinations by doing regular assignments.

  • Help them start:

If they are willing to join you then your task is half way done. All you have to do is just help them start. Be responsible and guide them even if you have finished already. They can be your company in the next assignment too. So be supportive and show them your notes or supplements. Tell them the helping hand you received from online sources. They may already be late in starting the assignment. Assist on those Fast steps to do homework when you are running with no time.

  • Encourage them well after the first tryout:

They may not do well in their first tryout of regular assignments but don’t forget to compliment their effort and encourage them more. You can now take your position and fulfill your motif. Ask them to join your study time and do assignments with you. They have already found the benefitsreceived with your company so I am sure they will be happy to be your study partner.
I always had a friend at my house whenever I wanted to do assignments. This is rather helpful when two minds work on a same project different aspects come out in front. That way any student can solve questions with multiple approaches.
If this process is successful then you can actually feel the encouragement yourself. This only proves your true friendship. You want your friends to achieve success just like yourself. Remember that you may not have enough time to deal this matter altogether or at once. This is a sensitive matter, so be patient. Try to understand that:
“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”