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How to Help Children to take the ‘Work’ out of Their Homework?

by Nov 6, 2016Homework Help

How can I help my child to complete his homework without hassles? Why do they give such loads of homework when they know it is difficult for these students to do it? Does this situation sound familiar to you? If you just answered yes, then it’s quite natural that just like your children even you are frustrated with this homework thing.

Well, just like most of you, I too had thought a few years back that since I am done with my formal education days, I can finally bid adieu to my tiring homework days. But little did I know that destiny will have its laugh this way!

Being a mother of a fifth grader, I know what it takes to manage your child’s homework after both of you had a hard day at your respective workplaces. There was a time when I got frustrated with my child’s habits and that’s when I decided to take action. I felt the urgency to have ways through which both of us can have a calm and effective homework schedule.

Considering the fact that there are many parents who are going through the regular homework battles with their children, I will be sharing some tips through which both of you can co-operate to have effective homework solving. Read on to know about these tips in detail.

Tips to help your child in homework-solving

Step-1: Assistance

  1. Carefully go through the teacher’s instructions

The best way to ensure that you help the right way is by going through the topic of the assignment first. Read the question set by the teacher carefully and try to understand what she is expecting from her students. You can even consult the prescribed textbook first.

  1. Check your child’s understanding of the question

Once you derive a clear idea of the question, ask your child about his understanding of the same. This will help you to know if the child has understood the question properly and whether he is able to understand what is expectedof him.

Based on their understanding of the topic and the question, you will know how much help they need from you.

  1. Go through the examples together

It is always better to go through the examples that the prescribed textbook offers. Why not check these examples together? Read the sample carefully and make him understand how he needs to approach his question.

  1. Praise your child’s efforts

It may happen that the topic of this particular assignment is in similarity to some previous homework. Keep checking the way your child is solving a problem. Once you see that he has done something exceptionally well, or has improved a mistake, he made in the previous assignment, remember to praise him for his efforts.This little praise can act as a great source of motivation for your child.

However, you need to remember that you should not lose your temper once he commits a mistake in his homework solving. Instead of scolding, try to make him understand what went wrong and what the right approach should be.

  1. Take breaks once they get stuck

It happens that a child faces problem in deriving the right answer even after making several attempts. This may be due to lack of concentration or some other problem. The best way to handle this situation is by taking short breaks.

A short break may help him to refocus and return with a fresh mind. A 10-minute break of fun and refreshment may assure better homework-solving.

  1. Adopt different measures to re-teach a difficult concept

There are times when a child faces difficulty in understanding a particular concept. In spite of your repeated attempts, he may be unable to get the basic idea of the concept. You can try-

  • Reframing the idea of the concept from a perspective he can relate to
  • Allowing the child to get in touch with his teacher! Remember that a child gets the primary knowledge of a concept from his teachers. Thus, it is the best way of learning.
  1. Introduce the concept of rewards

Another way of motivating your child is by introducing the idea of rewards. Tell him that if he gets successful in completing his homework within the time-limit by maintaining its work quality, then there will be gifts for him!

A reward can be anything. From gifting a small snack to a favorite chocolate, you can motivate your child in any possible way. In case, if you see that there has been something done exceptionally well, you can consider taking your child for a picnic to his favorite place!

Step-2: Guidance

  1. Make him understand the importance of homework

The major problem of homework solving lies in the fact that students fail to understand the importance of homework. Thus, being a parent, you need to make your child understand the purpose of homework. Once the child knows the benefits of his homework, half of your problems will be automatically solved.

  1. Why not inspire him?

The best way to teach your child about good values is by being a good example yourself. Remember that ‘‘good conduct begins at home’’. Thus, while your child is doing his homework, choose to read a book instead of watching TV. This will be an inspiration for them, and they will automatically strive to do better.

  1. Look for tutors in difficult subjects

Each one of us has our own limitations, isn’t it? Well, it is quite natural that you may not have good command in all subjects. In such a case, it is always advisable to hire tutors who are subject experts in that particular subject.

For example, being a student of humanities, it was very difficult for me to deal with the mathematics and science homework of my child. That’s when I came to know about various online professional websites who have various talented subject experts in all subjects.

  1. Form a regular homework schedule

These days, students are loaded with homework in all subjects. After spending long hours in school, it naturally becomes hectic for your child to solve all homework within stipulated time periods. The same lies in your case too if you are a working parent.

Sit down with your child and consider making a homework schedule so that it gets convenient for them to complete their assigned work. Remember that you need to give periodical breaks in between. You need to make the schedule in a way that they have time for all other activities too!

In case you are facing difficulty in homework management, you can find information about skills you need to inherit for handling homework.

  1. Designate a good study space

No matter how easy or difficult a task is, the working environment plays a key role. Thus, you need to ensure that the place where your child is studying is free from unwanted distractions. Designate a place which is airy and gets proper lighting. Check that he does not have his cell phone, laptop or any other device to disturb him during study hours.

Step-3: Consult the teachers

  1. Be in regular touch with the teachers

Another way to help your child in doing his homework effectively is by having regular touch with his teachers. Visit them to discuss the concerns you have regarding your child and look for solutions from their advice. You can even know about his class performance to keep a regular check on his studies.

These tips have helped me a lot in handling my child’s homework-solving. You can easily make use of these and check the results for yourself!