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How to Get Rid of a Noisy Classroom?

by Sep 14, 2016Assignment Help

The noisy classroom is not a new thing. Every teacher has to their “class from hell”. Every teacher sometimes wishes if they can get a magic wand to make their class quite and calm. They try every method from praising to threatening, from rewarding to punishing to get rid of noisy class but there is no permanent solution to this problem. They even try to get online professional help to know tips how they can handle or manage these classes. They keep looking for some advice or ways so that they can get an adequate or permanent solution to this problem.
The noisy classroom doesn’t mean to be a class of worst students or bullies. Even the best and well-behaved classes also fall into this category. It is bearable till the time students are busy in learning or doing activities related to their studies. Sometimes even in these situation things can turn out of control. Learning is a good thing but turning this into noise is not tolerable at all.
As these noisy class are not a new thing for teachers, and they have already used all sort of tricks to that have been carried forward from decades.  Students are also completely aware of all these tricks. They now need something new and innovative to quiet down their class. Let’s find out some of the creative ways to get rid of a noisy classroom.
Find out the reason
Firstly, it is important is to find out the reason why they are so loud. Usually, classes become loud while transition and especially after breaks. Before you start punishing or taking measure for being chatty, you must figure out the reason. This will help you to find a prominent solution to get rid of all this noise from your class.
Give them time to settle down
As mentioned about if the class is loud because of transition or break. You must offer them some time for settling down. Allow them to settle down or finish what they were doing. You can use this time to chat with individual students or small group of chatty student. You can also use this time for resolving any problem of them.  It will help you in establishing a relaxed and calm atmosphere in your class.
You are the boss
Teaching is a job that required self-believe. You cannot expect that your class will give you respect the time you enter the class. You have to prove and believe that you are the leader here. You must make this clear with your entry in the class. This is the way how you can receive their respect and compliance. You have to show them that you are the one who has the control. If you fail to do so you, they will be going to exploit your weakness, and you will never be able to get rid of the noisy classroom.
Make clear rules
You must make some rules in your class for making the quiet. You must make sure they know clearly about the rules. The most important thing is to ensure they must follow these rules. You must make sure to give them a clear and loud idea of the consequences is going to be if they don’t follow your rules.  This will not only help you in calming your class but also in maintaining discipline in your class. This can make managing your student an easy task for you.
Keep them busy
You must try to keep them busy from the very moment you enter the class. There must be a group of student who won’t pay attention. This will help you in gaining their attention and protecting yours class from disturbance. You can assign them some activities that can be done during the class. You keep one thing in mind never plan a group activity.
Group activities can give them a chance to being chatty and making noise. You must make sure they won’t get enough time for getting involved in any conversation. This will help you in marinating silence in the class and increasing the creativity, or learning abilities of your student.
Praise them for good
You must praise the student who is quiet and follow all your instructions properly. You must praise them individually especially around those who are not paying attention to your instruction. This will encourage them for behaving well in the class.
At the same, this will also encourage another student to follow them and getting their act straight in during the class. This will eventually help you in both encouraging good behavior in students as well as in getting rid of the noisy classroom.
Final advice
Being strict can solve problems every time. Sometimes you have to be lenient to calm down your student. This does not mean that you can allow them to do whatever. It is important that must make a perfect balance between both emotions.

  • Try to be close to your student.
  • Ask them for the suggestion for managing the class.
  • Use reward method.
  • Appreciate their small efforts.
  • Play game with them and ask them to keep quiet for a particular time.

As teachers are always looking for methods that can help them in maintaining silence in the class, they are also trying to use innovative ideas to keep their class calm. Thanks to digitalization things now have become much easier. You can not only found the answer for How digital homework aid can be useful? , but also how it can help you in managing your class.