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How to Enhance Your Learning Through Computer Science Homework?

by Sep 27, 2016Computer Science

‘‘In a world that is increasingly run on technology, computer science is a liberal art that every student should know regardless of their path in life.’’ The importance of computer science in a student’s life can easily be understood through this inspirational quote. With technology getting advanced day by day, ‘‘basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn’’ in the 21st century.
Thus, even if you find doing homework unattractive and boring, you cannot get respite from your computer science homework. With the educational system getting difficult day by day, students are always overburdened with homework and assignments.
I remember my days as a student when it used to be a humdrum affair to manage homework, daily studying along with various extra-curricular activities. I can thus understand the problems which you have to undergo while completing the homework as per the deadline. And trust me; teachers of our time too were not liberal enough to allow incomplete homework. However, I soon learned that there are various ways through which I can do my other homework, regular studies, projects and assignments along with my computer science homework.
Now the reason I mentioned Computer Science homework particularly is because this subject is quite different from other subjects. It becomes really difficult to memorize programs like Windows, Oracle, HTML, etc. However, with certain tricks and strategies, you can enhance your learning of computer knowledge.
Useful tips for computer science students:

  1. Lay emphasis on Mathematics

Computer Science involves a lot of mathematics in many different ways. Be it Software engineering or Hardware engineering, you have to use discrete mathematics. In case of software engineering, you will need mathematics for solving algorithm complexity and efficiency in graph theory and recursion. Hardware engineers need mathematical knowledge to design circuits and use automata theory for making machines. Mathematics is vital even for game programmers while creating any 3D environment.

  1. There is more to write than the codes-

Computer Science involves more than just codes. While writing comments, you can use just codes only. However if you support it with a writing, it will be more fruitful. While writing research papers in computer science, you require good writing skill as your paper might get reviewed. Even in Software Engineering, you need to write specifications, requirements, test plans, etc.

  1. Avoid delaying your work-

Computer science homework and assignments usually have later submission dates. You should not wait for the eleventh hour to start doing your assignment. Instead, start doing it from the day you have been assigned. In case if you get stuck midway, you can refer to your professors the next day or refer to other sources. This will give you ample time to complete your work.

  1. Never overcomplicate things-

The smaller your block of code is, without any redundancy, the better. When breaking the algorithms which do not have anything common, you will see that there is a loop or operation which is not unique except the parameters involved in it. You must check that the method should not have a length and width more than 800×600 monitor view.

  1. Flowchart when needed-

Planning is vital in any project. Once you get a real job, you have to flowchart everything. Thus, it is important that you develop this habit from now onwards. This planning will save hours of sleepless nights with homework. Instead of getting frustrated later on, start planning with a pen and paper.

  1. Make use of your available resources-

Don’t get stressed once you are unable to derive a code. In this age of internet, there are various resources which you can use for solving this problem of yours. There are various online tutorials, online educational forums which you can access for help. You can even refer to reference books or take help from the faculty members.
Tricks to deal with your computer science homework effectively:
To reduce the stress which you face after being overburdened with homework, you need to follow some tricks which will help you to tackle the computer science homework effectively-

  • Develop a positive attitude towards your homework

If you keep on treating your homework as a burden you will not be able to do it correctly. Thus, you need to develop a positive attitude towards the homework. Once you return from school, finish your homework as early as you can so that things don’t get piled on.

  • Understand the topic of your homework-

Before you come to a conclusion of what your homework is all about; ensure that you have read the topic well. Unless and until you have read the topic properly, you will not be able to understand what your teacher expects from you. With a lack in understanding, you will interpret the topic in a wrong way which will result in a wrong answer.

  • Use the extra-hours in school/college

It is always better to do the homework as early as you can. You can make use of the extra-time and extra hours in school which you get. Make use of the time when one period ends and you start the pother period. Once you get stuck there, you can easily approach your computer science teacher/professor.

  • Divide your work

In case you get a lengthy work, it is always safe to divide the work into parts. This will help you to concentrate on your work properly. You can even divide the work among your friends in case of a group study. Once you finish a part, exchange your sheets and check the answers.

  • Start with the most difficult task

It feels great when you start facing easy tasks one by one. Thus, it is better to start with the most difficult one which you think to be challenging. This is because when you sit down to study, you remain the most energetic. Thus you can tackle the challenging one easily with every bit of your energy and then proceed towards the easiest ones.

  • Take small breaks

While having long hours of study, it is always better to take small breaks of 5-10 minutes. This will let you be more energetic when you sit down to study. You can go for small walks or listen to soft music through which you can feel refreshed.
Study Computer Science as your hobby:
Hobbies are what we love to do at any point of time. Thus, the easiest way to tackle your computer science homework is by making it a hobby. You can do this by-

  1. Checking out various online courses

You can expand your knowledge about this new hobby by joining for any good online computer science course. You can look for courses in areas where you have special interest like C ++, etc.

  1. Doing research on a topic you like

There is no end to knowledge. Thus, if a topic of computer science interests you, you can do research on it from any online professional resources. You can check through offline resources like journals, reference books or take the online resources like various computer science forums, blogs, etc.

  • Trying to do programming

By learning the programming language of computer science, you will be able to gain much technical knowledge which will help you in getting jobs as well. You can go through the basic level of programming along with the advanced level to be an expert in programming.
With the above tips, strategies I am sure that any computer science student can enhance his learning about Computer Science Homework!
Happy Homework working!