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How to Do Target Costing? Learn by Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

We know that companies usually set a target for cost based on the price of raw materials that is available on the market. The target cost is fixed based on the profit margin that the company wants to earn. The profit margin relies on the selling price or the production cost.

Competition in the industries ensures that the final price is fixed by the amount in which competitors offer their products. So cost is controlled by the management to ensure that the company gets a reasonable amount of profit in the financial year. Target costing is beneficial for industries that are having low-cost margin. Target is costing suits industries that have throat cut competition.

The basics of target costing

Target cost is different from budget cost. Target cost is prepared before the product is produced. Their aim is to provide high-quality products at affordable price and increase and improve the profit. Budget cost is in use after the product is launched and steps are taken to increase profit only after the product is released to market.

Target costing is a specialised area that is used in product development cycle. First, the market research of the existing and yet to be launched products of the company are conducted. The market research is done by either company or an external professional expert team.

Competitive strategy and competitive intelligence are found, and the team would proceed to formulate product strategy and profit plans. Product concept and feasibility study are done, and then product design and development is done.

The next step in target costing is to establish target costing, and it needs a review of competitor analysis and determines market niche for the product. The consumer requirements should be understood in detail, and product features should be defined. Market price and required profit would ensure that the target cost is fixed appropriately.

The steps should be taken to ensure that the product is manufactured under the target cost specifics and would help in bringing profit to the company. The design is the most important area in which the company costs can be controlled. Many automobile companies have changed the design after showing the model in auto expo exhibitions due to the reason of consumer feedback, and they bring out the final product on the launch.

The target costing steps are technical in nature, and the students would get more inputs when they use the services of experts for homework.

Advantages of target costing homework answers done by experts

Target costing homework answers done by experts would ensure that the underlying knowledge of the subject is taught directly. The question to which the answer is required is answered fluidly, giving examples of real life business, showing graphs and other presentations if needed and would ensure that the student fetches high grades in the assignment.

Plagiarism will not be there when experts do topic research and give writing to students. Proper citations would be done so that the students would not miss on the grades. The deadline would be met, and the student would not feel any pressure as work can be submitted before the deadline.

Topics covered by experts in homework answers

Target costing is a process that works backwards, and that requires some delicate balancing in understanding the basics.  The first step is to determine the cost in which the manufacturing should happen to get a decent profit margin.  If the profit margin is not high, then the business would flounder. This is an essential aspect that online experts would teach the students.

Target costing homework answers includes comparative study analysis like the comparison between target cost analysis and cost plus analysis. Target cost is a process that is driven forward based on the consumer feedback on the design stage. The involvement of supplier in the design stage for target cost is well elaborated in detail and ensures that the student understands the process happening in cost and managerial accounting.

The advantages and disadvantages of using target costing are other areas which the student would get in-depth analysis when approaching for target costing homework answers. The market study is a critical aspect of target cost and if market study and consumer psychology fail the result of the product can fail. The consumer dynamics is an important aspect that is covered well by online experts.

The business profitability is increased, and cost optimisation is improved when target costing is applied. The aim is to ensure that the students understand these concepts that give a sound footing n the area of management accounting.

The process of target costing is taught well by online experts. The process of market-driven target costing is illustrated well by establishing the market condition and would ensure that the students understand it. The experts well teach the process of cost reduction to students that involve a close work with the designing team.

The factors that affect the target costing like the involvement of the competitors in the market are explained in detail. Separate accounting books are maintained for each design, and the accounting practices are covered in length. The student would fine tune the basics, and they would get proper knowledge about target costing when they approach online experts for homework answers.

The other key advantage of online experts giving target costing homework answers is that they do not limit their answer to the question. The online experts would ensure that the aspects of technical knowledge are explained easily. For example, students would know whether sunk costs are included in target cost or not and so on.