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How Phonetics Can Be So Helpful for the Students of Literature?

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

Speech is an important means of human communication. “Let everything you do be done as if it makes a difference” so it is essential that you have proper knowledge on language. The significance of speech is quite evident and so you will really find it difficult to imagine life without speech. There is a possibility of experiencing voice problems and hearing problem that may have an effect on understanding the speech properly.
What you understand by phonetics?
Phonetics is a science where different aspects of speech is considered and finally investigated such as how speech gets produced while using speech organs, different properties of speech sounds in air when they travel from the mouth of speaker to the listener and finally hoe the speech is perceived and recognizing structural elements of linguistic symbols and signs.
Phonetics even can include different interfaces along with other disciplines that are related to speech and linguistics behavior. If you have immense interest in language whether native or foreign and want to build up a career in research, then phonetics appears to be really helpful in linguistic subject. Studies in Phonetics can widen the scope of students to enter into teaching oriented work.
Benefits of phonetics for students
It is vital to speak in the most accurate way. Anyone has the ability to learn English and finally speak properly. Having less knowledge on language and lacking proper pronunciation, can certainly affect the process of communication and this can lead to misunderstanding. Here is a list of some benefits that can help the literature students:

  1. Help to decipher words:

The prime benefits of learning phonics is that it enables children to easily decipher words on own so there is less chance of seeking for help with reading process. When students learn the sounds that group of letters make, it becomes convenient for them to decode works which they might not have come across before while reading. So, finally students get opportunity to learn new words without any help!

  1. Improvising the vocabulary of students:

The other benefits obtained through learning of phonics are that students get the opportunity to learn new words which can add up to their vocabulary knowledge. Through phonics it becomes easier for children to learn parts of words that can be recalled when new words are encountered. In the long run, reading becomes much easier and phonics helps to word recognition.

  1. Boost up writing ability:

Though, in present world you have the chance to look for online professional help that can build up your confidence in literature by identifying words, but you need to take some extra measure. Students can easily gain ability in writing well through proper use of written lessons and activities which can allow them to master writing skills. Spelling skill also gets polished at times!

  1. Recognizing the text fluently:

When students get opportunity to learn phonics, there is a high chance of learning language rules that can finally help to gain fluency. Learning phonics can include introduction to any specific language rules in regard to pronunciation and representation through writing. So, it is quite simple for children to gain ability to recognize pattern through words once they get into phonics system.

  1. Enhance thinking ability:

The phonics system is used to teach the students and gain ability to read and research shows that the phonics trained students can reflect superior performance and help in critical thinking. It is a system where young readers can easily develop reasoning and logical power and finally translate into strong thinking skills.
“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young” – Henry Ford.

  1. Phonics can be helpful to special kids:

Phonics is known to be an appropriate system which can be adopted to teach ESL students. You should also gain knowledge on top 10 tips to write an excellent online essay. Research also indicates that there are predictable rules and help to understand the basics which comes with proper phonics instruction.
Progressive stages of phonics
Once the students know the basic alphabet and the corresponding sounds, then there is a possibility of emphasizing on teaching the students on blend of those sounds that can finally create the whole word. This is known to be a systematic progression and once the words are adopted, students get to learn how to read sentences. Through constant practicing the skills, it will enable you to decode and pronounce any type of words accurately.
There are different progressive stages of phonics:

  • Realize that words are actually rhyme
  • Realizing sentences are made of words
  • Realizing that words can have same medial sounds
  • Realize that words can easily be broken into syllables

Phonics is a fundamental element and it comes with solid foundation for any students who want to learn how to read. Without learning, a child would never become successful and cannot master speaking and reading the words fluently. It is important to gain knowledge on phonics alphabet and finally the skills can be utilized to master up reading word correctly.
Role of parents and teachers in teaching phonetics
Parents and teachers both can take initiative to teach the children how to read words and so in order to do it; there are few fundamental rules to follow:

  • Make sure that reading material is highly interesting for students. No matter the materials are poems, rhymes or stories, it should be exciting. Using proper text along with illustration can be perfect. It would be similar to that of learning reading program that is supported with colorful illustrations.
  • Teaching the ways how to read that would involve different steps and the most basic one is finally help them to gain masters in phonemes and this would refer to distinct units of sounds that can finally make up word.

A thorough knowledge of phonetics can enable you to understand different strategies of pronunciation and finally make your writing error-free. While speaking of global communication, it is vital that the spoken language comes with uninterrupted communication.