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How Can You Speed up Your Progress with Biology Homework?

by Oct 1, 2016Biology

As a teacher, it is quite a difficult phase to make your students complete their homework on time. There are multiple issues that may arise in regards to completion of homework, as I have personally seen with my batch. Most importantly, the grudge against homework that is associated with science-based subjects is comparatively greater, and hence, it is important that students in a correct manner be explained while regular completion of homework is so required.
As far as my personal experience counts, I have seen that most of the students tend to have a negation regarding doing the homework, since, for them, it is merely an extra exertion post school. The whole process of learning via completion of homework on time is evidently defeated in this process. It is courtesy to this reason that I decided on taking this issue for a greater discussion at class.
Bingo! The discussion session truly worked, and now I can surely state that my students are way more equipped than previous times.
Progress and its association with homework:
The fundamental aim of making students do their homework is to ensure that they do not lose touch with the concept that has been taught in class on that specific day. When it comes to a subject like biology, it is important to note that progress in that subject is to a great extent related to regular completion of the given homework.
There has been more than a singular occasion, where, I have noticed that any easy concept or detailed structure of a particular organ or species which I had taught in the previous class was not remembered by my students the very next day. While it was quite a shocker on a personal front, what is important is that I noticed one day’s lack of study could actually wipe out that important concept from their mind.
As a subject, biology, more than memorising needs proper understanding and regular updates. Hence, it is very important that students who wish to progress in near future with this subject need to ensure as I have seen, that they do not miss out on their regular homework schedule of this subject. This is the only way to help in progressing with biology within the stipulated time period.
Why is thecompletion of biology homework related with monitoring of progress?
As a teacher, who has been associated with this profession for close to a decade, I have seen how completion of homework has measured the amount of progress in a child. In almost every meeting with the parents, I have always emphasised on the requirement of completion of homework.
Here, I would like to share some facts that would surely help you understand as to how the process of progress can be speeded up by completing homework on time.

  • Clarity of the concepts

This is surely the most important factor that is taken into concern when homework is completed on time. Being a teacher, my primary aim has always been ensuring the progress of my students. How better than clarification of concepts? Once these concepts that are associated with biology and its allied aspects are clarified, naturally, students will have a better grasp of that subject.
In this way, they can definitely progress in a better manner in this subject, and take up this subject for higher studies. To parents, it is my earnest request that they should also help their wards in this process and guide them accordingly.

  • Pressure during exams is lessened

This is another important factor that completion of homework on time results in.  In my career spanning for close to a decade, I have seen very many students struggling with this subject at the last moment, a day before their exam. Quite unfortunately, due to this, I have found very many comparatively bright students underperforming.
In this way, a fall in grades mar their chances of progress and in the long run takes away the interest in them to study this subject. However, with daily completion of biology homework, this pressure is lessened, and students can perform in a better manner, thereby progressing in this subject.

  • No external help is required

Though I have always encouraged students to speak about their doubts in class, there have been cases, when students have taken help from external sources. Though it cannot be completely denied that such external sources have a certain amount of positive influence on their studies, in most cases, it hampers their progress.
Rather, I would suggest to parents that they make sure that their wards complete their homework on time and that too by themselves, to ensure a better path to progress in later academic life. Daily completion of biology homework will surely help you stay a step ahead of your friends.
In case you wish to bring out a bit change in the process, you can like me make use of certain real life experience that would help in thebetter progress of the student. If you wish to know ways to deal with it, you can surely check out How to understand Chemistry through real-life examples?

  • Reviewing of classroom notes

As a monitor of progress, this is the best idea. No homework is complete without a daily review of class notes. Hence, in this way, on a regular basis students need to check out what has been done in class and then proceed.
Here I would like to share a personal fact. As a class assignment, I made sure that my students everyday reviewed their notes at class, and then completed at least one question that was given at the back of the chapter. I had done this to simply measure the standards of progress that happen and Voila! I was truly surprised at the results!
In the test that was taken after a period of one week, all my students in biology class performed exceptionally well, ensuring me of the role of homework, by reviewing of class notes on a daily basis in their progress.

  • Completion of the topics with time for revision

Regular homework results in completion of all chapters of biology on time, which allows a student greater time for revision, enhancing chances of getting better marks at exam. With marks becoming the standard for measurement of intelligence, this could help in speeding up this process of progress and thereby offer a better and brighter future to students.
Hence, being in this space and understanding student’s psyche, I feel that routine completion of homework is extremely essential for progress of that student in that particular subject, biology in this case. Don’t you believe so? Share your thoughts and ensure that you monitor your child’s progress via completion of biology homework!