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How Can Parents Help Their Children to Memorize Formulas in a Fun Way?

by Apr 19, 2017Homework Help

In a student’s life, home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. The result of all surveys done to tell that students whose parents have active involvement in their children’s education. When it comes to formulae and theorems, Math is the name of the subject that immediately comes to our minds. Due to an ocean of formula, this subject gives nightmares to several students.

Math is one such subject, where the foundation of new concepts is built on an old one. If this is done in a proper, easy and interesting way, it can reallydo wonders. Parents can play a very crucial role by initiating activities that are engaging and teaches the formulae. So, if you are a parent, you should definitely read this article to explore a whole new world of opportunities to make your child memorize formulae forever that too in a fun and interesting way.

  • Songs –

Yes! Songs not only help to learn rhymes and languages but also help children learn numbers, formulae, and several Math concepts. Explore the online resource and have a plethora of songs. Songs actuallymusically placesame concept but with a lot of jazz, tunes and overall creating an addictive environment. Students are seen to learn better using this technique even when it comes to complex concepts of Pythagoras Theorem, Surface Areas, and Volumes.

This is how I taught my little kid the tricks of mathematics when she was just entering her pre-school. As a parent, this is one trick that I would surely suggest to one and all.

  • Games

Games can actually help your child a lot to learn the complex formulas of Math. This is often seen to get into the lives so much, that students if need to say,someone, to get rational, then they say I to π and if the ask someone to get real, they say π to i. This is an animated mode of learning.

For example, there is a game called FOLLOW-ME. You can play this game with your child to make him, or her remember the concepts of area and perimeter forever. Saying follows me, run along the outer edge of the room. Make your child follow you. Throughout the run, keep on singing “add perimeter…add perimeter…add perimeter…”

When you do this 5 times, change your song to “multiply area…multiply area…multiply area with your movements diagonally across the classroom. Once the game is over, relate it to the terms of perimeter and area given in the books, and see the magic! To make your child deal efficiently with numbers, you may play a game of BINGO with your child.

  • Outdoor activities –

Tactile learners learn by doing things. So, incorporate movement in Math and make your child learn the formulas in a super cool way. Take some unused containers and make your child visualize how a cylinder actually looks like.

You can relate the circumference of base by whirling a thread along the base, and then you can ask your child to multiply the height of the container with the circumference of the thread to get the curved surface area of the cylinder. You can work towards polishing the skills of addition and subtraction by playing a simple game of stappoo with your child.

There can be several other activities, several patterns that you may let your child observe the natural surroundings; the constellations to make him or her understand the concepts of ‘lines and angles,’ the patterns of the buildings that highlight the famous Fibonacci Series and the Golden Ratio.

  • Using printables –

If you explore online resources, you will get aplethora of printable worksheets, from Checker Math game to practicing spatial relationships, from Heads and Tails game to trying an interesting Math puzzle. These will not only help your child with ample practice on remembrance of formulas and solving problems but also it will make your child think out of the box.

  • Using mobile apps –

Technology has done marvels in all the fields. Mobile applications are one of the biggest gifts that technology has given us. So many apps, these days are available on Playstore and iOS that can actually enhance the Mathematics skills of children. From games embedded with Mathematical problems of varied difficulty levels, apps catering to faster calculation, the list is actually endless. As a smart parent, you can make your little champ exposed to such in the strengthening games.

With so many lively activities, games, printables, songs, and mobile applications, your child’s learning is not limited to the pages of the books, neither it is limited to the four walls of the classroom. The best learning can happen in a boundless condition and in an atmosphere where a child can actually learn by doing. 50% of the task is done when there is a flame of inquisitiveness in your child. As parents, you should always look out for ways to ignite that flame within your child.