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How Can a Beginner Start Learning the English Language?

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By Michelle Johnson
22 Nov, 2015
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English being a language of much importance is useful for formal and informal purposes alike. It’s a language spoken in most of the countries and serves as a common medium of communication among the otherwise so diversified nations. The knowledge of this language only benefits a person, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that to some extent, it’s quite necessary.

Most of the people learn the very basics of the language at a preliminary stage in school. So before I go on about a beginner’s approach to the language, I’m going to assume that the person is acquainted with the English alphabets.

Beginning steps

A. Words: After alphabets, one must learn English words, the “common ones” to begin with, like: days in a week or months in year; names of animals, vegetables, colors, flowers, countries, oceans, planets and such.

B. Phrases: The next stage is a ‘phrase’. A phrase is a part of a sentence but not an entire sentence. For instance. “The man” or “his hat” is a phrase. A number of phrases come together to form an entire sentence.

C. “The man took out his hat and placed it on his head”: now here we have a complete sentence. Once a person reaches to the formation of sentences, he must learn that every sentence comprise various parts of speech. The parts of speech which every man should be aware of are:

1. Nouns.
2. Pronouns.
3. Verbs.
4. Adjectives.
5. Tense.
6. Adverbs.
7. Auxiliary verbs.
8. Prepositions.
9. Conjunctions.
10. Interjections.

D. At the same time a person must learn about capitalization, that is, where to use a capital letter in a sentence. A new sentence always begins with a capital letter; Nouns or names must also be denoted with capital letters.

E. In the first stages, one must start with simple English sentences, like stating his name and his address, and then he should move on to more complex ones.

F. Next a person should learn about the use of common punctuation marks such as comma, semicolon, colon, apostrophe, full stop, inverted commas, hyphen and others. They play a significant role in the formation of grammatically correct sentences, and possess the ability to alter the complete meaning of a sentence.

G. Having learned about these individual parts, a person can focus on writing paragraphs, using all the knowledge he has learned so far. And once that’s done, a person will have an initial idea about the language and will be able to apply it for his daily discourse.

How can a person learn the language with ease?

Since we are considering that the learner is a beginner, it is recommended that he should take help from an experienced person who can guide him to understand and learn the language better. These are the options a person can choose from:

1. You can ask a family member with a knowledge of the language to guide you

2. You can get yourself a professional teacher. Suppose you are eager to learn “What are some English grammar rules that every person should know about”.A professional would be better placed to teach you that more precisely.

3. You can try out the English assignment help offered by us. Large numbers of students today are relying on our websites because we are available 24×7 and can immediately offer a solution to all kind of assignment related problems. You can not only ask us to clarify your concepts but we can also help you to work out your assignments.

4. One can try taking virtual lessons or follow the language tips available on the internet.

If you are determined to ace the language all by yourself, without any one’s help, I would suggest that you get hold of some well-known grammar books for beginners. But just for the record, you’ll find it much helpful if you follow the guidance of a teacher or better yet, of an English homework help site. I know because I have used them and have benefitted much.

Uses of the language:

A few days back, while I was helping my younger sibling with his grammar homework, he suddenly asked, “How important is English grammar for people who are not doing a major in English?”His question then made me realize that there must be other people too who consider that there’s no use of knowing the language unless you’re doing a major in it. While answering his question, I clarified how wrong he was and explained why he would need this language throughout his life. You need to know English because:

1. It’ll be a part of your academic curriculum and it’s important to keep the grades high.

2. No world class organization conducts their selection procedure or interviews in regional languages. English being the widely used language is the chosen one here.

3. In order to communicate with any person coming from a separate linguistic background, you’ll have to know English because it’s the common ground in maximum cases.

4. For any formal dealing in the work environment, knowledge of this language is a must.

5. Being weak in English can cost you your career and you might end up losing many opportunities.

Therefore, more than any other language, it is important that a person build his grip on this particular one. It serves as common mode of communication across the globe and I dare say that a man’s education remains incomplete unless he has an idea about the very basics of this subjects.

In many cases, knowledge of the language will work in your favor, simply by creating a positive impression. If you are well versed in this language, then in any professional field, you’ll be holding an advantage over a person who isn’t.

Apart from all the utilitarian motives, one must also consider that the English language has much to offer. Unless you know the language, you’ll never be able to read all the great pieces of literature which has been composed in this language, neither will you be able to enjoy the brilliant movies made in this language. So unless you’re ready to miss out on all that, start off with the basics and strengthen your grip.

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