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Hottest Argumentative Essay Topics for 2018: Politics, Gender Politics, Technology, Environment and More!

by Jul 21, 2018Essay

“Piers Morgan gets owned by an anti-Trump activist who calls him ‘an idiot’ on National TV!”
The news recently went viral, and let me start by telling you why! The British journalist, Piers Morgan, who hosts Good Morning Britain, got into an intense argument with a rising communist activist, Ash Sarkar,on the show. The discussion was essentially about Trump’s recent UK visit and the organized mass protest against him. Morgan’s question was: why are activists like Ash speaking up now, when they were silent during the Obama regime, given that Obama’s deportation policies were not all benevolent either?
If you are wondering why I am sharing this with you when all you wanted to know were a few argumentative essay topics, well, the reason is, this particular debate will tell you all you need to know about choosing the right topic:
It should be relevant to the present world scenario, it should be a hot topic with a lot of space for contradictory opinions, it must be of interest to the reader, and it must be bold!

  1. If you want a debate, put politics on the table

So what do we know about an argumentative essay? We’ll have to present atleast two sides of an argument, and then you can speak in favor of one side and express your own opinions. So far, so good!
When you choose a political argumentative essay topic, like the one I just shared with you, you will certainly never run out of opposing opinions,which means it’ll be really easy for you to foreground both sides of the argument, and thereafter, you’ll find yourself meeting the word limit before you realize!
Tip: Add Trump and his policies to the mix, and your ship shall sail across oceans!

  1. Feminism, sexuality, Gender politics

When you’re talking about argumentative essay topics, you cannot turn a blind eye to the ongoing discussions on gender and gender equality. If you want to choose a topic that’s universally relevant, in the academia as well as in the contemporary social scenario, This could be the right bait for you!
“do we still need feminism?”
While some so-called first world feminists are hailing an era post-feminism, where apparently men and women have attained equality and there’s nothing left to fight for, in lesser developed countries, women are still struggling for their basic human rights, like In countries like Saudi Arabia, where women are considered to be minors all their lives. And so, do we or don’t we need feminism can be one of your ideal argumentative essay topics!
“Questions on gender and sexuality…”
With all the talk about the rights of men and women, a significant portion of the population continues to remain marginalized! What about the rights of these people who refuse to identify either as men or women or are transitioning?
While many first world countries have legalized (and accepted) homosexuality, in several cultures the same continues to be considered a legally punishable offense. Do these governments have a right to dictate over the citizens’ personal preferences this way?
The LGBTQIA+ identities and their rights are a contemporary area of study, and if you wish your argumentative essay topic to be contemporary, socially relevant and culturally significant, these are newly chartered territories, which you can consider!

  1. All eyes on education

If you want something more conventional, something strictly academic, there is no better topic than education itself. For long there have been arguments regarding education and accessibility to education.
Shouldn’t education be free for all to give students from all economic backgrounds a fair chance?
Does our grading system ensure an improvement in performance?
Is it fair to charge exorbitant fees from international students?
Why does a degree in arts not ensure a good pay the way a degree in science does?
Do courses on secondary language benefit students at all?
These have been some of the most popular and unresolved questions on academics for the last couple of decades. The benefit of choosing these as your argumentative essay topics is that you will have a lot to add to the argument from your personal experiences. Also, these are easy topics to write on because if you wish to add concrete facts and figures, you shall be able to find them in abundance!

  1. What does the future hold?

The 21st Century will be remembered for its obsession with technology. No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid debates centered on technological improvements and their consequences! The debate is literally a part of the popular culture right now with much talked about shows like Black Mirror and its likes.
From asking whether technology is a boon or a bane, we have moved on to a place where we now know technology is a boon and a bane. And so, for your argumentative essay topics, you might select some of the following:
Are social networking sites directly contributing to mental health issues?
Is technology making humankind incompetent and overtly dependent?
Are we controlling technology or is technology controlling us?
Artificial Intelligence: future servants or masters?
The best course of action for you, however, would be to improvise the topic and come up with something that interests you in particular, something that you are familiar with, something you would enjoy writing an essay on! Reflect over this list of argumentative essay topics and make them into something of your own; it is easier to score when you put your heart into the work!

  1. What does the future hold: volume 2

What is the most ignored thing on this planet right now?
The planet itself!
Humankind’s anthropocentric worldview is ruining the planet, and it would be stupid on any person’s part to deny it. Yet, while people do not deny the consequences of our thoughtless human activities, many often try to justify it. Hence, climate change issues such as global warming can be a hot topic for your argumentative essay!
Do we need plastic more than the marine animals need a safe environment?
Is the planet paying the cost for our technological achievements?
Is it ethical to breed turtles and other animals specifically to be kept as pets?
Is capitalism slowly pushing us towards the destruction of the planet?
Seriously, it is about time we start considering how long it might be before we destroy the Earth! Start on a dramatic note and this argumentative essay topics are bound to fetch your attention!
To conclude:
So, to get back to the point we started from – why did the news go viral? Well, the name calling played as much a role as the topic of the argument itself! So while you are at it, be bold (but not inappropriate), and succinctly point out your arguments in favor of or against!
Now get working! Make the world a better place by educating your reader with your essay!