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Homework Is Going Digital. Is It a Good Sign?

by Nov 2, 2016Assignments

Do you remember the days where homework was only to be submitted on pen and paper? The endless hours one spent at the library finding books on the related topics of the assignments handed down to us. Even though that system is still prevalent in many institutions of education all around the world, but most schools, colleges and places of teaching have gone digital.
Whether this change is positive or negative is a decision you must make for yourself after taking into consideration both sides of arguments and reach a reasonable decision.
What does it mean?
If you are yet to be introduced to the concept and phenomenon of digital education, then it is thetime you learnt about it. The world has moved ahead of the simple pen and paper, and today technology has made swift strides forward, and the field of education has adapted these improvements to remodel and reinvent itself. Digital education has been applied to teaching and homework in these following ways:

  • Teachers now use presentations in a visual and auditory manner to provide teaching lessons
  • Students now may not copy notes from a board but receive a copy of the relevant notes and information on their email addresses or a common digital forum.
  • Assignments are both provided and submitted in an e-manner. What this means is that it is a technological transaction which has nothing to do with manual labour.
  • Teachers and students are now exposed to a whole new level of information called the “internet”. This has both authentic and encrypted information.
  • The use of traditional blackboard, chalk and dusters has been marginalised exposing students to the concepts of projectors, pointers and online presentations.

Therefore in the recent years, both technical advancements and the institution of learning have undergone drastic changes.
Homework going digital
As explained above homework has gone digital but what does this mean? Homework in a basic definition implies assignments provided by the teacher which the student must complete and submit within a specified time limit. The topic and the time are both provided by the educator. Hence there can be various ways one can interpret the concept of homework becoming digital. They are as follows:

  • Assignments which are given to the pupils can be performed with the help of the internet. This means that the pupil can use the internet and the web to search for relevant information and use it to increase the value and content of the piece of homework. Technology has lead to a magnanimous increase of information and knowledge flooding the web and students today are making use of this.
  • One may also get their hands on a piece of information without being physically present in In a similar manner a person can submit their homework without going to class. This also requires theemployment of digital means and is another way students can use technology. Many students who learn with distance education or are sick at home employ this technique.
  • The most advanced way these new developments are facilitating education is by providing lessons online. Now it is possible to attend a class without even being physically present.
  • To make the deal sweeter today tutors are available online to help students to cope with their homework. How does this help? What if I tell you could get the teacher at any time of day and for as long as you want? To these luring qualities add the fact that they will teach only what you want to learn and will be experienced persons from the field you need help in.

The sphere of education has been increased after it has gone digital. However, it does not eliminate the fact that many heavily criticise these techniques. Thus it is time to focus on the question of whether homework going digital is good.
What are the problems?
Researches and studies have pointed out some significant disadvantages that one is probable to face due to this era of digitalisation. They have pointed out below:

  • Writing becoming a lost art

With the impact of digitalisation and everything becoming through the means of typing the art of writing is fast losing ground. This has caused students to forget the art of reading actual books and demeaned the level of thehandwriting of students.

  • Dependency on technological solutions

Students and the youth today are impaired because of technology without it they would be paralysed and unable to function. This is not something that should be encouraged or fostered. It is smart to use technology but it not wise to let it control you.

  • Loss of communication skills

Research has proven that technological developments have led to theloss of communication skills and caused students and young people to become more impatient and aloof from others.
However despite the various problems which one might potentially be faced with it is important to remember that there are numerous benefits of this trend.
Why is it good?
The importance of digitalisation cannot be ignored when it comes to homework or any other form of learning. It is good for the following reasons:

  • Saves time and effort

It is not necessary anymore to go to a library or read newspaper articles everything is now available in one place. It is now possible to get the very best knowledge without having to work for it.You can read maximise your PlayStation time and minimise your homework time. Find out how it is beneficial and make the most of it now.

  • Reliable information

The information which is acquired needs to filter, but there are so many reliable sources that can be opted for. This means now attaining great grades on homework is a piece of cake.

  • Closes the distance

With the use of technology, distance has now been closed. If you are in one part of the world, you can attain information from another part. This means now distance and time will have no impact and everyone can get educated.

  • Equity in education

The important attribute of this development is that it acts as an equalizing agent. This provides everyone an equal platform to use its resources and make the best of it. Everyone with its access has exposure to the same resource.

  • Serve as a tutor

The internet serves as a perfect teacher to anyone who wishes to learn from it. Hence, if you want you can use it as atutor in its entity or you can hire someone online to teach you. It is up to the people who use this digital technology to judge whether it is good or bad.
“Technology is not for the replacement of teachers, but teachers who do not use technology will probably replace by teachers who do.”