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Helping Your Students Get Creative with Their Biology Homework

by Jun 23, 2016Biology

Of the three basic science subjects in school – chemistry, biology and physics – biology tends to be the easier subject for some. This is because biology has more to do with our anatomy in the early stages, than with everything else. It is, thus, easier to understand something that we live in everyday, as opposed to the secrets and complicated formulas of what we cannot fully see.
But while it may be occasionally simple, it can get quite boring and tiresome to study. It is hard to constantly try and make things interesting for your students, but there are a few ways you can try – if you haven’t already.
“Biology is a core building block to understanding life.”
Adding creativity to homework
It is difficult, as a teacher to constantly be a source of energy and creativity on a daily basis. It definitely tiring both mentally and physically, to constantly have to think of something new and execute it as well. So, to aid you in your efforts of finding exciting and vibrant ideas for biology assignments, here are a few tricks to help you out.

  • Interesting Class Projects

Before you can get your students interested in their homework, you must first get them to pay complete attention in class. Most students do not have a long attention span, so getting them to focus is no easy task. However, instead of making class lectures boring and drab, you can spice it up with a few post class quizzes in which every student who answers gets a point, or something that adds to their grades at the end of the term.
You can also use PowerPoint projects and videos to show them exactly what you are talking about. This will also aid in their understanding of the subject, and help them to remember important points. Putting up charts and other biology related activities around the room will keep your students in touch with their work on a day to day basis. The more colourful and lively the videos and charts are, the more likely it is that they will take an interest in the subject.
If students have fun learning in class, they will be more motivated to do their homework.

  • Avoid dull written work

Most teachers tend to set rather mundane and boring written assignments for their students. These assignments usually don’t involve anything other than their textbooks or class notes. If you want your students to be excited about their homework then set projects and assignments that require them to make a presentation for class, or you could have them do surveys and reconnaissance work in order to complete their assignment. This not only makes it very interesting, but it also teaches them a lot of research and life skills in the process.
For those who are good artists, you can ask them to make drawings of the different body parts, or cells, or anything in their syllabus, and have it put up in class. This will definitely garner the interest of the other students as well, and will push them to do more homework.

  • Include experiments

All children love experimenting as they grow up, and this thrill does not fade easily. So, one way for them to complete their homework should be by setting experimental work for them. Make them plant a sapling and monitor its growth, ask them to go into the garden and use waste from kitchens and track the rate of decomposition – homework assignments like these, regardless of how simple they are will motivate students to learn more and work harder. Experiments can also be used when students are having trouble “Grab These 10 Fundamental Factors at the School Level to Enjoy Physics”.

  • Group projects

“Everything is more fun when the burden is shared and lighter for all.”
One way to teach kids how to work together and delegate responsibility while making it very informative is by giving them group projects to complete. It is also a very good learning experience for everyone involved. Although, as a teacher, you will need to ensure that everyone is participating in equal measure. Through group assignments, students learn and grow together. This creates a bond, while helping them pass the subject and remember important facts along with new and interesting information.
These are just a few of the ways in which you can incorporate some creativity in the biology homework that you will be assigning. You can recycle these ideas whenever you want with new topics each time. This will surely keep the subject fresh, and the homework far from boring.