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Help Me in My Homework- Do Away with This Cry

by Apr 9, 2017Homework Help

Students are often seen having nightmares about finishing their homework on time. Help me in my homework – they often say this to their parents and ask for help. But, parents, due to their busy schedule, might not always be free to help their kids with their homework. So, what do students do in such a situation? We have come up with an exclusive set of points which can help students with their homework and they no longer have to say, “I am caught up in my homework, please someone help me in my homework’.

Have you ever wondered why do teachers assign you with homework? Definitely, homework has its demerits, if considered from the student’s point of view-you have to devote your entire time to your studies when you could have played the entire time. You feel that you could have enjoyed your time playing with your friends but now, you are caught in the clutches of homework, desperately need help and muttering to yourself- “ Someone help me in my homework”. But, students let us talk on a serious note. Homework is not only essential but it is an indispensable part of your growing up and building your knowledge. Here is how:

  • Helps students in winning against distraction:

Students have a limited patience level when it comes to their studies and finishing the homework on time. There are a lot of things to distract them and disrupt their concentration from studies. Examples are television, mobile phones, video games and a lot more. But, when students are assigned with homework which they need to finish in a stipulated time period, they forget about their distractions and focus their entire attention in completing the homework on time.

  • Homework helps them to keep a track on the things they have learnt in school:

 Homework helps in revision.When students are sitting with their homework, in order to solve the questions, they need to go through the topics which were taught in class and it helps them in revising the topics.

  • Encourages them to engage in research work:

If a student is not able to find the answer to a question assigned in the homework, it will encourage him to do further search in order to obtain the answer. For getting that answer, he will engage himself in internet surfing or will visit libraries to find the answer. In this way, his knowledge of that topic will get enhanced.

  • Increases parent-children interaction:

When students ask for help from their parents and show them the questions which have been assigned to them, parents get to know the things which are being taught to their child and they remain in the light about the progress and development of the child in his academics.

  • Helps the student in managing time and making strategies:

Managing a lot of homework in different subjects and that too in a limited period of time is really difficult. But, students need to complete it. So, they make plans and strategize in such a way that they are able to devote time to all the subjects. In this way, homework helps in time management and makes the student capable enough to make efficient strategies.

  • Gives a boost to the memory power of the students:

With revision, the topics which the student has studied get sketched in his mind and he is easily able to recall these topics during examination. Solving questions on a daily basis increases his speed and he is able to perform better in his examination.

When students feel that they are uttering the words “help me in my homework” more often, they really need help from experts. But for the time being, the following tips can come in handy. Here are the tips:

  • Change locations:

Studying continuously at the same place for a long period of time can bore you. In order to avoid that, change locations.  It is not mandatory that you complete your homework in your study room. Use the drawing room, use the bedroom at times and you can even go to your lawn or garden with your books. If you are sitting at a place for a long time, get up and study while taking a stroll.

  • Be positive and confident:

Do not consider homework as a burden. If you consider it as a burden, you will never in interested in doing it. If you doing a thing half-heartedly, it is not going to benefit you. Keep this thought in your mind- “yes, it would have been better if people could help me in my homework but I can complete my homework on my own. I have the skills. I also have access to internet and libraries. I will definitely be able to solve the questions assigned to me in my homework”. Approach your homework in a positive way.

  • Group studies help a lot:

Doing your homework alone sometimes can be boring. In order to avoid this boredom, make study groups. A study has found that when you study in groups, your interactions skills increases and you remember things better. Studying in groups is definitely a plus point for you.

These tips will surely help you with your homework worries.