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Have Your Own ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ with the Help of Chemical Engineering

by Oct 12, 2016Chemical Engineering

Are you struggling to go through your chemical engineering course? Wondering what kind of scope such a subject would have in real life? Are you worried about getting a job? Well, you need to put your worries to rest. You should know that chemical engineering is one subject which has widespread impact in all industries and involves the most sought after jobs.
Chemical engineers are hired by pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, healthcare, and so on and some even have their own laboratories like Dexter at their disposal, at home! However, to pursue this particular course, you need to ensure that your concepts about maths and science are strong and clear and will pose no trouble in future.
However, if you do have some problem understanding these concepts, then it is high time that you hire some help to make you understand them. You can ask your parents to get you a tutor. However, if you are living away from home, then you might want to opt for an online tutor.
There are various online academic websites which provide such services. These tutors help solve most of your conceptual problems so that you can progress further in the course. If you face any trouble with your assignments on chemical engineering, you can seek to help in this case as well to resolve them.
Make your own Dexter’s Laboratory!
Every chemical engineer, at some point or the other, has always thought about having a laboratory like Dexter. As all know that, Dexter, a popular 90’s cartoon show, was a kid of seven who had a laboratory. It inspired a lot of kids to take up chemistry as the mixtures and potions would enthrall them that the kid would conjure to turn humans into mutants with special powers. Fascinating isn’t it? It was more about the technology that he would use that fascinated and inspired the students.
However, in fiction anything is possible, but in reality, to get a laboratory like Dexter, you need at least go through some rigorous training. This is why chemical engineering is so important to establish that dream of yours and get the laboratory of your dreams.
What does a chemical engineer’s job entail?
Before you delve into the course of chemical engineering, you need to be aware of what does the job entail. No matter which industry to decide to go in, the basic requirements from a chemical engineer remain almost the same. You will have to work with chemicals irrespective of where you go and find out better ways and methods to optimise the usage of such chemicals.  Listed below is the job description of a chemical engineer:

  • To employ safety procedures for workers working on chemical reactions or chemicals or equipment carrying such reactions or chemicals.
  • To provide an estimate of production cost along with theprogress reports to the management.
  • To find out the arrangement for optimal results for processes like heat transfer, mixing, crushing, and distillation and so on.
  • Prepare and guide the workers to enable proper working for processes like evaporation, absorption, etc.
  • Oversee laboratory workings and results and propose any small scale operations.
  • Research for improving chemical processes.
  • Perform rigorous test to judge the level of control over variables like temperature, pressure and so on.
  • Develop methods to separate components like liquids and gases through chemical processes.

Sharpen your skills
To become a successful chemical engineer, you need to possess certain skills to endure such a life and to discharge your duties ably. Such skills ascertain the success that you will endure and are listed below:

  • They should possess good mathematical skills that can help solve any analytical problem.
  • They should be open to challenges which they will encounter and should possess the certain skill to resolve complex situations.
  • They should be capable of critical thinking and should be able to observe well, especially experiments.
  • Should be interested in learning and be of curious mind-set and should be able to handle any peer pressure.
  • Should possess leadership qualities which would enable them to take up initiative which would enhance their scientific skills.
  • Should have the necessary skill to conduct researches and analyse the forthcoming results from it.
  • They should be able to keep a cool temper in complex situations.

Diversify your options
Now that you know what the life of a chemical engineer comprises of, you might be wondering about the options you would be presented with once you graduate. Well, there are three major options for chemical engineers which they can pursue. The firstoption is they can get involved in research and development.
In this, the engineers oversee laboratory operations and look at ways to enhance processes. Also, they look at various ways to invent new methods to produce optimal results.
The second option is to become a production engineer which involves producing products of required quality. The third is to become a process engineer who oversees the production process. So, no matter what you choose tobe assured of good opportunities and remunerations.
Some mind-boggling inventions chemical engineers are working towards
Chemical engineering has changed the face of engineering in several ways and is still continuing to do so. It is making things of fiction into reality and working towards such marvellous technological inventions which cannot be imagined by common minds.
So, for people who demean the profession of a chemical engineer, here’s a reason why you should stop doing so. Listed below are some more technological inventions and advancements chemical engineers are working towards to make lives better:
3D printers
Commonly known as replicators, these are science fiction equipment slowly being created and transformed into reality. These printers are stated to create anything right out of plastic or another agreeable material form the digital blueprints. These have been heavily adapted from the Star Trek and the drama Grey’s Anatomy where the doctors print organ tissues from these. With chemical engineers working on it, they might very well turn into reality.
Ray guns
Remember the ray guns used in science fictions to blast away enemies? Are green lasers shooting from these funny guns? Well, they are actually now a thing of reality. The laser tech developed by US and used on board a navy ship provides the proof of its existence and displays the result of the hard work of these engineers.
Futuristic meds
Chemical engineering is widely used by pharmaceuticals to develop drugs that would cure most diseases. New wonder drugs are being created and experimented everyday by chemical engineers to treat illness. Some even claim to be working on the drug for curing cancer!
Behold the invisibility cloak!
Remember the invisibility cloak made get popular in Rowling’s Harry Potter? Well, it might be made true after all. Chemical engineers are working on a similar tech that would allow the soldiers to escape detection in the dark by simply sticking on a sticker made from squids.
Nuclear fusion: get your energy on!
Nuclear fusion is widely known for its capability to produce a large amount of energy with the fusion of hydrogen nuclei. It is widely viewed as an alternative to end the energy crisis and stop the depletion of the natural resources to produce clean and sustainable energy.
In 2014, a scientist claimed to have advanced and created an invention that would allow people to construct stable nuclear reactors which are small and compact for such a purpose. So, are you ready to make your mark in history?
Thus, chemical engineering has a wide variety of options for you to choose from when you graduate. So, go ahead and concentrate on your studies right now and get your conceptions cleared, in order to become the future inventors of your generation.
Think about what you can create and the things you can invent to sustain human life, right in your own laboratory, just like Dexter!
‘The entire world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.’