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Have You Been Given a Long Essay on Characters of Any Particular Novel? Know the Correct Way of Doing It!

by Jun 29, 2016Assignment Help

Do you have a hobby of reading books? Do you like especially English novel? That is great! It will work very nicely when you will have English homework or assignments. Reading makes it easy for you to deal with challenges similar to write essays or character synopsizes. Some homework is really tiring and difficult to handle but dealing with English assignment can be done very quickly if you know some correct ways to finish them with.
The opposite of this situation is also possible. What I mean if you like other than reading book. No need to panic as there are ways to check your answers that will grab you good marks. The only thing about this is that you know which path to take and not haphazardly increasing the length of your answers. To the point answers bring more numbers! You might do it in the first trial but remember that “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”
So here are the proper methods that you should keep on maintaining when it is about English novel and the characters involving it.

  • Not a single space without scrutiny:

Read the novel from top to bottom. I know it will take time like forever but it is important. There are some questions set for your exams but who knows you might get a new question which you have never heard of before. The reason is because you didn’t read the novel thoroughly. The best way to do it is that start from the very beginning of the semester. You will have to face it sometime, so why not?

  • A planned way of reading:

You have to read but that doesn’t mean you start reading like a machine. Oh sorry! Even machines have to work through a plan. Exactly my point! Work in a planned way when it is about novels or drama, poems or anything involving English. Read them every day. If possible take short tests of your memory skills. Try to remember small events inside a novel or get acquainted with side characters.

  • Whenever there is a chance:

You can read them in between other homework too just to revive your energy level. We all know how interesting it is to read stories and it helps you revive your mood. So use this special feature of novels. This way even when you are taking breaks, it is helping. But don’t start reading it and forget other home tasks no matter how interesting it seems. Limit a time for it too.

  • Reading and writing:

Do you know how inseparable these two siblings are? They work wonderfully if you can manage a perfect schedule depending on this. Reading novels work fine but if you write small notes and answers to questions regularly that increases your memory like magic. Small explanations are easily handled if you know this habit already.

  • What will you write when practicing?

Usually, when it is about practicing before exam, it is advised that you find answers that your teachers are focusing in the class. Character synopsis is important. If your assignment is to write about characters then it is necessary that you concentrate on it first. Is the character a protagonist or an antagonist? Does that character have a special role? If not then how is he or she coming into limelight? Check these questions first.
Starting it step-by-step:
After getting those basic ideas you must start your essay.
Step one:
Usually, after knowing the character you will find some points on them. First thing is to write his or her identity.
Step two:
Is that character playing some vital role? Basically, write in this stage what is their connection with that novel.
Step three:
How many other characters are being influenced or forcefully wielded by him or her?
Step four:
How positive or negative they are? This is important and must be focused with valid information and researched materials. You can write some points out of character analyses from other authors and critics here.
Step five:
Write some important dialogues of that character. I know this is tough but it grabs more marks as a proof of your reading the novel. This doesn’t mean you will start including flat dialogues. You should only include those sentences that are going to influence the flow of that novel or have already done it.
Step six:
Take professional assistance for best performance. This way it will clear what to write and what are those important dialogues you can write for your assignments. They will also guide you on those rare questions with explanations and detailed analyses that might appear in the examination.
Step seven:
You are ready to write that answer’s end part. But it doesn’t mean conclusion. You are going to write how the author has handled that character’s future. It might be present too like if that character was murdered or dead or has chosen a path, anything that describes him or her last stand point in the novel.
Step eight:
Here you will get to write your point of view on that character you wrote about in your essay. This is a tricky part of answer. It might be a place that you will either agree or disagree with the current situation of that character. No matter what you are saying, add some researched material to support your opinion.
Step nine:
Conclusion is important. This is the final note that will draw an end line for your answer. It should be prepared with proper methodical approaches. Make sure it is supporting your answer and with a punch line end the journey.
“Pursue one great decisive aim.” It is the way to success when writing essays on novel characters. I made sure I didn’t write extra lines completely unrelated to that character. Make sure all answers are well researched and authentic. It is true for every subject. Check out how are university assignments better way to understand a specific subject? It will give you a proper vision to complete English and other assignments faster and better.