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Get Ready to Find out the Reasons Why Students Should Not Have Homework

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Homework has been in the history of studying forever. Generations after generation are getting accustomed to this school work to be the part of student lives. But have anybody thought of the good and bad effects that it bear in the case of a student? After finishing one school life, you are probably thinking yes, it is necessary for your children. But trust me; everybody feels discomfort when after coming from school someone has to sit for another 3 hours for the full package of homework. There are valid reasons why students should not have homework.
I was a student with good grades but even I felt quite boring when dealing with homework. Yes, I admit that some of the homework and assignments are quite interesting to begin with and you will feel very energetic after completing such assignments as they are important for your grades and some group activities. But it is not true always.
I always felt that it is not that much important as a full school is about 8 hours a day and it should be enough for the students to get the important studies over there. Extra study might cause some damage to the child’s psychology also if he or she is a rebellious type. You should look to these reasons why students should not have homework to understand the meaning of this statement.
Reasons why students should not have homework:

  • A full day school is enough for learning:

First reason is to help you understand the importance of studying in the school. This institute is built to help your children get a proper guidance in their growing age and to learn the valuable lessons for a better future. A full day class lasts for 7 to 8 hours a day. After completing that time in the school, it is definitely the case that your children are learning and with teachers too. Teachers are there to guide you and they will provide notes that will suffice the knowledge for the upcoming tests.

  • Relaxation is important for a growing child:

Any student wants to have a relaxing atmosphere when they return home. People work for 8 hours and after coming home they feel exhausted to deal with anything. They need rests then why not the students? Brains of students are in a stage of continuous development. In that condition they need proper relaxation to continue a healthy concentration and learning. After coming home if they can relax for few hours then it is both physically and mentally healthy.

  • Children should exercise and enjoy free time:

The reasons why students should not have homework will place an issue of exercise and importance of this daily activity in a student’s life. It is a necessary element for anyone to have a daily routine built with healthy exercise. After coming from school a child must go outside to the sun and enjoy fresh air to build a healthy physic. That helps in relaxation of the mind. With daily workouts they will also learn some healthy habits that are important now and also in the future.
Enjoying a free time releases your mental abilities faster. They can think rather fast if they are able to have some free time to themselves. The mental sharpness grows faster with a free time after school. There are parents who help their children to have some interesting games to engage with that help in the growth and development of the brain. But with homework that area is locked.

  • Tight schedule forces an unhealthy life style:

Anyone will agree that 7 to 8 hours a day is enough for any children to study. There is actually no need for more 3 hours of studying. There are psychological arguments against it that children face some unhealthy consequences with the mental pressure placed to them by homework. The reasons why students should not have homework will let you find out that it often creates an unhealthy diet for the students. They start relying on fast foods to concentrate on homework which then leads to their bad health altogether.
Social lives are now very important for anyone. With increasing internet accesses over the world, people are now connected worldwide. But with the homework and its negative appearance in a student’s life, the social lives have been hampered in many cases. The students don’t even find any time for relaxing so how can they keep a social life at all?

  • Arguments even supported by some teachers:

There are teachers who are placing reasons why students should not have homework. It might seem awkward but it is true. Some of the teachers find it very boring to even participate in such medieval rules of doing homework and such. They think it is absolutely unnecessary too. Main reason is that a teacher is very busy in their other activities like preparing for the study guides, test subjects and also the papers for exam. So definitely they have less energy to deal with homework and even lesser interest to even check them properly. By the time they check it the class might have reached to another subject. In the end the whole value of the homework is lost.

  • Not all homework is easy and interesting:

Some students feel that it is suffocating to come home exhausted and deal with boring homework and tries to search for reasons why students should not have homework. Some of homework like reading books and participating in some group projects might be interesting but other than that homework only knows to stop student go versatile with their creativity and knowledge. It stops them from learning the material and find any books to their hand to actually read it rather than writing in notebooks.
Times when you want to get away without doing homework:
There are times when you can be seriously bored to deal with homework. At that moment you want to just slide through it. It is when you want to learn how to get away with not doing homework with some simple tricks. It becomes more interesting when you actually know which is important for your exam.
Some of the internet websites are there to help you find out and prepare you for the exam. Homework and assignment helps are there done by expert teachers who are capable in assisting any student with any syllabus. I hope you found those reasons why students should not have homework are quite valuable to back your own conclusion.