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Understanding the meaning of geometry

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that includes the deduction of properties, relationship of points, angles, lines and figures in space. We ensure that the assignment is done from the scratch and it is supported by original references and background. The high quality assignment help comes with original content and keep in mind to meet up with deadlines.

What is the theoretical concept of geometry?

Breaking down the word geometry itself, says that is an amalgamation of two words- geo and metrics. The word geo is a Greek word that means earth, whereas as the word metric means to measure in Greek language. Hence, writing the two words together means measurement of the earth.

In general, the definition off geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the relationship between points, surfaces, lines and solids. Since, the earth is full of shapes and solids; hence geometry is one of the most useful mathematical parts. Hence the need of proper geometry homework help is justified.

The history of geometry takes down to the Egyptian civilization where it was first used in building the pyramids using the concepts of area of triangle and volume of the units. However, the actual bulk of this subject starts from ancient Greece by the renowned mathematician Euclid wrote the influential book named “elements”.

He introduced the concepts of planes, points and theorems in his book and it was later introduced thoroughly in the modern version of geometry or the synthetic geometry. With all these theories and concepts about geometry students often require proper assistance with their assignment.

Why is geometry assignment help so important?

The main part of this branch of mathematics in which students aspire for geometry homework help is the Euclid’s geometry or the synthetic geometry. It does not have the concepts of coordinates or formulas and uses the concept of axiomatic system that is used as a way to think to derive a conclusion. It basically is the study of figures, without any recourse to formulas.

Another part of geometry is the analytic geometry that consistently uses the derived formulas and is very well written down as an appropriate system of coordinates. It uses Cartesian coordinate system and manipulates equations as well as shapes. Its main motive is to define the geometrical shapes rather than reasoning.

Students often worry about which method is easier and better to use, however one should keep it clear in mind that both are equally beneficial and essential to solve a problem. Hence, geometry assignment help is necessary to solve problems with both the methods.

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