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History of geometry:

  • During the second millennium, geometry has its earliest record in Egypt.
  • The Rhind Papyrus is the earliest book known on geometry that was developed between the years two thousand to eighteen hundred BC in Egypt.
  • A mathematician from Greece named Thales, used the concepts of geometry during the seventh century for solving problems on calculation of pyramid heights and the ship distance from the shores.
  • The seventeenth century marked two most important geometrical developments. Firstly, the analytical geometry was created and secondly, projective geometry was developed. More details on the history of geometry can be obtained by visiting sites like geometry assignment solver.

What is geometry?

The part of mathematics that deals with characteristics of space, location of different figures, sizes, shapes etc. is called geometry. Geometry came into use in olden days when people felt the need of utilizing aspects like areas, lengths, widths etc. there are some basic facts about geometry that have remained same over the years though the field of geometry has gone through many evolutions. More on geometry can be learnt by clicking on links like geometry homework solver.

The main problems that students face while studying geometry

Geometry is a subject that is completely detached from everyday life. Teachers keep trying new techniques to teach the subject to students about which one can know from links like geometry assignment solver. Even then students face different problems while studying geometry.

  • Problems with understanding concepts of geometry

There are separate levels in geometry like visual, which deals with the look of the figure; analytic, that deals with the property of each figure; relational, that deals with the different conditions that define a figure and the level of reasoning that help students to distinguish between figures by proper analysis.

  • Lack of understanding of theories and formulae

Most students are unaware of the several formulae and theories that can be used to prove the different aspects of geometry. Knowing about such theories is possible by logging on to portals like geometry homework solver.

  • Lack of development of cognitive skills

Geometry is mostly about reasoning by analysis and then proving the equations and statements. Good operational development of the student’s thinking process is essential for the same. Teachers often fail to understand this which makes geometry even more difficult for students.

How can students use the knowledge of geometry?

There are various fields that make use of the different concepts of geometry.

  • Astronomy

The positional mapping of planets and stars is essential in the field of astronomy. The different movements and relationships of celestial objects are also understood by geometry. Thus, astronomy uses several geometrical concepts more on which can be learnt by checking out sites like geometry assignment solver.

  • Architectural studies

Both subjects, architecture and mathematics are related to one another. Different aspects of architecture require use of mathematics and geometry. Architecture needs to make layouts for several buildings with proper surroundings in accordance to different principles related to religious or aesthetic principles. All this requires good knowledge of geometry.

  • Requirement in art

Any form of art requires the knowledge of geometry. Whenever drawing or painting a picture, a proper geometric knowledge of the painter gives a proper look to the picture. Different uses of geometry in the field of art can be learnt from sites like geometry homework solver.

  • In the field of Physics

There is a relation between topics like general relativity in physics and the pseudo Riemannian geometrical concepts. Thus both physics and geometry are also related at certain points.

Why is geometry important for students?

Shapes and sizes form a major part of our everyday life. The planets have a shape, the vehicles we travel in, the house we live in etc. all have a shape. Every aspect of life finds some or the other relation to shapes and thus in turn Geometry.

  • Geometry makes the mind become more logical in every approach. One with proper concept in geometry usually has a systematic look out for every problem. This approach in turn helps in solving issues easily. The power to understand a problem can also be improved with Geometry.
  • By understanding the different concepts of geometry, students get a wider area for thinking. Their thoughts go beyond the set standards thus growing the limits. Details on how geometry influences a mind to think out of the box can be learnt by clicking n links like geometry assignment solver.
  • Geometry is all about different shapes and forms. Studying with shapes clears the concept of three dimensional objects in the mind of a student. These concepts are even helpful in different other fields like creating puzzle games, movies or even the television industry.
  • The manufacturing of the basic necessities of urban life like construction of roads, flyovers, buildings etc. involve a clear knowledge of geometry. Without clarity in geometry, architects will never be able to plan these effectively.
  • The ability to visualize varies from person to person. There are few people who visualize objects by the object image whereas there are others who visualize an object with its shape. So, clear knowledge of geometry can help in proper visualization. Knowing more about aspects in geometry that aid ability of vision can be checked out with links like geometry homework solver.

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