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Few after Homework Activities for Making Your Time Industrious

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

There goes a well-known saying –“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. No doubt it’s a thought provoking one, but even more than it speaks of a big truth. The world is becoming more and more competitive. To cope up with escalating high competition of the worldly affairs, one has to gear up one’s aptitude. For that shear and diligent study of the academic subjects are needed and at the same students must brush up the other hemisphere of the brain. This hemisphere is concerned with the co-curricular activities that encompass both cultural and sports related undertakings. Of those some of the after homework activities are detailed in the following:

  • Arouse the Michael Angelo in you

No doubt that the renaissance artists like Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were not born in a day. They have mastered the art over and over again with days of untiring practice. Some children do possess this hidden talent in them. These hidden talent needs to be channelized in the right direction. Once the child is done with the day’s work, he or she should be given some time to practise with strokes of brushes and paints. It would be better if one joins an institute to take tuitions in painting, and other crafts.

  • Indulge in some form of dance

A healthy body resides in a healthy mind. Dance is a form of pure and blissful activity that brings out the best of your soul. It helps you see the world through an insight. It improves one’s postures, adds grace to your personality, and helps in proper blood circulation. The whole day students would be over burdened with assignments and curriculum related coursework. This is sure to put them in a stressful state. Dance helps you find liberation from it. In fact dance is popular as an after homework activities.

  • Bring out the jinni in you

There are few nerds who are happy with the syllabi of their course, straining assignments and the puzzling homework. For them they do homework when needed and they do the same when they are bored. Seems weird but there does exist some people of this sort. No it is not at all an improper fact. But it is essential that these brainy studious fellows focus their strength into some arena of study. In fact such geeks may be tomorrow’s scientist. So, they must shift their concentration in some research oriented topics. In this way their area of interest is being utilised efficiently.

  • Rock on with the rhyme in you

Let us look around us we shall find many talented buds. It would be injustice if we let them wither under the pressure of homework from the studies’ curriculum. One such latent talent of students may be related to music. Guardians and mentors should provide the students with a facility to give their musical lyrics a chance to bring to the world. Students on the other hand must crave out time to nurture this flair. Look around you, you shall find ample opportunity to bring out the diamond in you.

  • Who shall be the next Shakespeare amongst us?

To receive an answer to the above question, one must gauge one’s aptitude for literature. Writing is a fading talent. It is the right time to pursue, by making it as one of the after homework activities. Indeed the debate society or literature society that works in schools and colleges should take plunge and begin resume creative writing through competitions and all. Students can the assigned little tasks for the day, wherein they would be asked to do a vigorous research about famous writer. Drawn inspiration from their life and work, by gauging and inferring information from them.
Take out the sportsman that resides in you

Sports are such a field that it keeps you happy from inside out.  As said earlier it shall not only keep you healthy, but is an excellent stress buster too.

  • Tennis and badminton
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball

Are but a few to mention.
Indulging in some sort of games has double benefit for you. It is targeted for the evolution of both mind and body. Just harken to your call and pick up the gear. The field is all yours, when determination elucidates the path for you. It is no doubt an awesome after homework activities.
Gardening- nurture Mother Nature

Deforestation over the past few years have set up a big hole in the environment and have brought about hike in air pollution. Realising the importance of the issue, you must take the front seat and drive towards the change. Beginning of this big task begins by taking baby steps, and gardening is an apt commencement. Make your own flower garden, but try to incorporate some vegetables in them too. Take care of these little beings, water them, talk to them, and be joyful as you see them grow. There cannot be a better after homework actions. It is impact is quite similar to meditation.

Few others after homework activities

Other after homework activities are frequently the impromptu ones. Internet has brought about benefits in our life. At the same time, it has its own demerits too. With wide use of the social media, we have forgotten about social gatherings of families, relatives, friends and neighbours. Why not organise an event and give these people an invitation. Organising an event will help you improve on your management skills. And the society seeks of a chance to share and laugh together. Once you are done with the homework and other assignments, dedicate your time towards these occasions.
Or when you look around for after homework activities, you shall find need of some customised products. Make apt use of the internet and go for DIY products. Mobile charger holders, jewellery organisers, desktop organiser, recycled boxes and bags, are some items in this list. Remember time and tide waits for none, so the time you have in hand after a brain storming day at school or college or the time you are left with after a heavy assignment should be put to use in a productive way. You should also refer “a path to your query- should i do homework now or in the morning?” to learn time utilisation.