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Explore the Reasons Why Do I Have So Much Homework

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

The day was just like any other. I met David, my neighbor’s 12-year-old son walking back from school. He looked particularly sulky that day and so I casually asked what was bugging him so much. He just shot back a question in reply. A question that has been since generations haunting kids of all ages. Perhaps, it did bug me too back when I was a kid. The question was simple – Why do I have so much homework?
I couldn’t think of a better answer then, but it left me to think that there are millions of other Davids all around the world brooding over the same question why do I have so much homework each and every day.
Why do I have so much homework: Benefits of homework?
You need to understand that homework is just an extension of the class work. So, most probably the topics given out as homework have already been covered in class.Doing homework has benefits like –

  1. Gives you enough practice on the topic that you begin to get a grip on it.
  2. It gives you sufficient knowledge to able to understand the next topic that shall be covered in the class.
  3. Homework also helps build character in a way.
  • You become responsible as you have to complete the work assigned to you at a given time.
  • Completing your homework gives you a sense of achievement that boosts your morale up.
  1. Discussing and doing homework with friends helps understand a topic better. You can also learn new techniques or tips that would help you to study that subject easily. Better still, you could be the one to teach your friends.

So, consider homework as a character building session when you have a thought next time as to why do I have so much homework.
Whether Homework should be banned?
There has been a long debate on whether homework should still be allowed to continue in schools. Pro-ban supporters say that homework produces undue pressure on kids. Also, with no homework in schools, the chapter of why do I have so much homework is closed forever.
They have their own reasons behind this argument are:

  1. Homework leaves little or no time for children to exercise or indulge in outdoor games or any other recreational activity.
  2. Weak students may find it difficult to complete their homework. As a result, they may hand in poor quality of work that may lower their self-confidence.
  3. The aim of homework is lost if the child gets his homework done from someone else.

What to do then?
Let the government and the school authorities figure out as to whether homework should or should not be banned. Your job is to complete your homework and mine is to offer you a solution for why do I have so much homework has to be looked. Look down the following waysthat can help you sail through:

  1. Chuck all that negativity in the dustbin:

American musician, singer, songwriter, author, poet, actor, and activist Willie Nelson says ‘Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.’ To if you are thinking of being able to successfully finish your homework, you have to begin with positive and affirmative thoughts like I CAN DO IT. Negative thoughts will only make you feel miserable and hamper your progress.

  1. Have a plan:

It is always better to have a plan of all that has to be done. Even the construction of a building begins with the making of the plan. Having a to-do list is helpful in

  • Prioritizing:

Arrange your list in decreasing order of priority. You begin the homework that is most important.

  • Time Slot:

With list in hand, you can allot time for each task. Give more time to the difficult ones and keep smaller slots for the easier ones.

  • Acts as a reminder in case you may leave out something in a hurry.
  1. Talk

Instead of carrying the thought of why do I have so much homework in mind, it is better to let it all out. If you are facing any difficulty, talk. Talking out your problems is a great stress buster. It could be with anyone with whom you feel most comfortable, your parents, older brother or sister or even your friends. They would surely understand you as they might also undergone similar problems. They can either help you out directly with your assignment or make ways to ensure that you get help. You can also contact your teacher to guide you through a difficult lesson.
Always remember that there is no shame in asking for help.
The Homework Success mantra
The mantra says ‘if you want to get good grades, do your homework’.

  1. Doing homework on the same day as it is handed is far easier than keeping it later. That is because the lesson is still fresh in your mind.
  2. When you are doing homework, you are practicing a concept over and over again.This repetition allows the lesson to sink properly in your brain. When you sit to study, the lesson becomes easy to understand.
  3. Your preparation is half done. When the time for the tests comes, all you have to do is revise. This takes just about half the time of the time had you studied the same from scratch.
  4. Youfeel calm, relaxed and at ease as you have completed all the portions coming in the test in time. Thisisgoodand it boosts your confidence, no doubt.
  5. You do your exam well, you get good grades and that improves your overall GPA.
  6. But do be honest with yourself and do not assign others to do the work for you.

Thoughts like how huge is the load of homework given out today or how difficult it is to do so much or why do I have so much homework are simply mess up your mind. Instead form a mental picture – Homework gets you good grades. Good grades mean good college. People look at you with respect. From there you branch out into any field of your choice. You succeed. Life becomes beautiful. Now start working. Homework doesn’t seem to bother you anymore.