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Example of Hooks Is the New Trending Grammar in Writing!

by Nov 22, 2017Writing

Example of a Hook

“The deadline is knocking at the door, and I haven’t even started my essay yet.”
Every student at some point in time has missed the deadline for project submission. The reason may be either of the two.
You don’t know where to start. You did not have enough time.
Writing an essay needs a lot of thinking and at the same time carefully thought out words. But is it that complicated or are you missing out something?
Why does Jon’s essay get featured on the bulletin board every time?
The explanation to this is Jon starts his essays with a hook sentence.
You can find many sites on the internet that provide an example of a hook and how it helps to “hook” the reader.
The best writer is one who starts an essay with a good hook sentence. The first few lines are enough to get a reader thinking what the article is about.

What is the best example of a hook?

A hook is what grabs the attention of a reader and makes an article interesting. So, a writer should use relevant hooks that match the topic.
“How will I write such essays that will keep the reader reading?”
Suppose you are reading this blog and 5 other people who are reading this as well. If they are not interested in my idea of the post, no one will read till the end.
So, how do you keep people reading till the end?
The answer is quite simple: By ENGAGING them!!
This means if you are writing say about spring, a good example of a hook would be, “who doesn’t love to feel the spring sun, but what makes it more beautiful are the colorful flowers that bloom with it!”
The reader knows that your post is about the spring season, but gets curious to know what else have you written.
If you cannot engage the writer with the first few lines of your post, all your effort becomes baseless.
Using hooks for a college essay can be a little difficult at times because you need to visualize what the essay is going to say.
“How do I write a good hook for my essay?”
If you want to write a strong essay hook, you have to have a plan in mind first. Thus, there are certain things to consider.
The type of essay and the writing style that you want to use will help you decide the right hook. At the same time, you also need to think about who your target readers.
Based on the above criteria, you can use a hook that best describes your piece. It can be a famous quote, an anecdote or even start your article with a sentence.
You can use a hook that creates a scene in the mind of readers so that they find interest in your writing.
“I don’t feel a hook will be of much help in the long run, after all, I just want good grades to pass out of college!”
You are probably wrong in this statement. Using hooks in writing doesn’t just help in college; writers, screenwriters, and famous authors have used this as bait to attain audience.
If you want to pursue writing in the future, this small word can make you the bestselling author!
Finding a source that provides a good example of a hook is difficult but not impossible.
Understanding the value of a hook will not just help you get good grades but write great assignments as well.
The problem factor
If you write an essay just for the sake of it, you are never going to learn anything. You need to write so that others can read.
You have to start your article in such a way that grabs their attention and keep it so that they don’t leave without completely reading it.
“What do I do then?”
Use a hook!! Read various articles and learn from them. See how writers try to grab attention.
Do your part and search for a good example of a hook from the many options available to you.
“Where can I get the help I need?”
The answer is at your fingertips. There are many websites that can help you write the best essays with the help of hooks.
Everything can be found on the internet nowadays, be it a solution to a problem or remedy of a disease. You can check for blogs written by experts and learn from their writings.
If you feel you know everything, then you can never learn anything, so ask! By asking the experts, you will understand the true importance of a hook in writing.
“Where will I get such services and will I be able to pay for such services?”
It is a common delusion that such services cost a lot. You can easily avail the services by spending just a few dollars.
If you feel that will hamper the quality of the information, then keep your worries away. These websites only provide the best services, and you will never be disappointed.
Since most of the customers are students, they keep the rates quite low.
The only thing you need to look out for are the sites that do not contain all the information. But that too is very rare, and you can keep your worries at bay.
Finding the site that provides the best example of a hook will help you write the best articles that can gain readers.
When you get the option to learn from experts why miss the awesome opportunity?
You will get better with every article and see your grades increase every time.
The opportunity is in your hands; you just need to use it!
If you are searching for such a website that will help you with excellent essay hooks, try us.
Your choice will make your article interesting and create curiosity among the readers. They won’t stop until they know what happens in the end.
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