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Does Meditation’s Effect on Students’ Emotion Persist for Long?

by Jun 4, 2017Homework Solutions

In order to rejuvenate ourselves and give mental peace for proper functioning of the body, we all have our ways. A very healthy and positive approach to this is Meditation. Sitting in a place where there is absolute silence and the only sound that we can possibly hear is our breath; so away from the noises of regular days where we get so involved with our filled-up-to-the-neck schedule that it even gets hard to find time for your own self. So, for the purpose of soothing your brains and mind, this Mediation comes to the rescue with its manifold theories.

Well, according to a recent search it has been found out that Meditation effects on student’s brain functions for a long time after the act of Meditation is over in reality. Now, it is proven fact that meditation does control a student’s emotions and brings his/her’s nerves down in order to give mental satisfaction.

According to a research that was made over some people who were told to practice meditation for some period; results revealed that they were able to control their emotional responses greatly. Now, there were details that were collected from individuals of matters that bothered them, be it bad or good. After this act of meditation, when they were showed these images amazingly they could largely control their responses and retain the same for about some 6 to 8 weeks!

Now the hypothesis that researchers began their study with at the first place, were well proven.

Reason Behind the prolonged result of Meditation acts:

Our brains have a part called amygdala, a part that is responsible for our behavioral stimuli; ones that control emotions and responses. This amygdala has very reduced activity during the acts of Meditations. But when after the acts the individuals who were tested with acts like testing their emotions with good, bad or neutral people or events in their lives; the stimuli or amygdala was found to be greatly responsive. And this positive result where they could hold and control their emotions greatly continued for about like 8 weeks.

Some examples in support:

  • A girl, who had terrible issues of some tragic incidents in her life. She had been struggling for quite a long time with her own self. She when asked to practice meditation was observed to show quite controlled and compassioned emotions when tested with disturbing images from her life.
  • A guy, somewhat around 40 years of age, had such a fast paced life that he was unable to deal with the problems of his life well. With his schedule, it became so stressful for him that he lost total control over his emotions; behaved excessive aggressively towards matters.
  • He was advised to take up an act of mediation which he did indeed. And the results showed that his behavior was a lot controlled with neutral responses to issues that used to bother him previously. This action and controlled factors continued for a long time.
  • Young people who took up meditation and practiced it regularly, found themselves to be fitter. They could also avoid medicines for some purposes. It is actually a proven fact that regular practice of meditation helps to get rid of the dependency of drugs and medicines.

It is said of always that when you are able to think well, your work becomes easier as you could do well in decisions and making proper judgments.

Now, research says that people who are in to meditation are able to control the rhythm also called alpha rhythm. This alpha rhythm is somewhat assumed to be a processor where everyday distractions are phased and giving space to more relevant and meaningful information’s that are important.

A very obvious fact

Nowadays students are observed to be involved a lot with mediation and it is proved that meditation effects on students.  Because of the stress that they have to take and also for proper development of the minds, more and more parents are willing to engage their children in acts of meditation for possible best developments of their brains. It has been observed that people who mediate could utilize their brains more effectively and make better adjustments on deciding the important matters with distractions that are unnecessary.

It not only helps students to cope up with their routine, but also enhance their mental activity abilities. With a more nourished brain that could properly prioritize events they will generate more positive results as a whole.

Results of meditation practice could be observed in about eight weeks. As researches say, not only in this contemporary world but for centuries meditation was thought to be a great way to achieve mental piece. Instances are not rare even in epics.

It depends on the type of meditation practice that you take up for the effect that it will have on you. You may continue it for a long time and regularly for your benefit or have it in other ways. But results of better behavioral responses along with proper functioning and better processing for events were observed.

Now it also shows definite results where a lot of times the Emotional quotient of a student plays a part in their intelligence quotient. Ask a student to Meditate to try and achieve a balance between the two if possible!