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Digital Aid – A Helpful Hand For The Students In Doing Assignments Agree Or Disagree?

by Dec 30, 2016Assignment Help

The way students are completing their assignments today has changed a lot. Earlier when there were no computers and very limited technology, everything needed to be gathered from different sources and then the students used to make their assignments. They used to search many reference books and other important stuff while submitting their assignments.

But now the trend has changed completely. Everyone has access to the internet and can easily search for the required information and prepare the assignments.

There are many sites that help in making assignments by charging money from the students. Earlier this facility was not available. Talking about the digital aid, it has both advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to doing assignments for various subjects.

We cannot say that it is absolutely harmful or that it is 100% essential for doing assignments, but the usage of digital aid should be somewhat in between the two extremes. There are both pros and cons of using digital aid for doing assignments.

Pros of using digital aid in doing assignments

  • Helps to solve the assignment fast

It gives easy access to all the information that one may need. Using the digital aid can be reallyhelpful and you will get all the information with just a click. By taking their help students get help to solve their assignment fast

  • Helps in saving time

It saves a lot of time by giving information in a very fast manner. Now with the help of this, students can do their other task which is also important for them in daily routine.

  • Helps to share information among groups and friends

You can share the information by using digital aid very easily. Whether you want to discuss some topics with your friend and share them through email or by using your mobile phones or you want to mail the assignment to your teacher, everything is dependent on technology.

  • Instant feedback and result

You get immediate feedback and response if you are using digital aids to complete your assignments. Your queries will be solved instantly and you will get to know your performance results.

  • Solution of deadline tension

It can save you, if the deadline of submitting the assignments is very near, as you can get the help of many websites that help to solve the assignments and they charge money for doing that. There are many online tutors who can guide you and solve your doubts that you may face while doing assignments.

Cons of using digital aid in doing assignments

  • Students become fully dependent

A lot of dependency on the digital aid can hamper your creativity as you are already having easy access to all the information and are not searching for different other options to do your task. It is like getting a ready-made dish for eating without putting much effort.

  • Lacking interest from their studies

There will be a lack of personal touch if you are using too much of digital aid. Education requires us to evolve our thinking patterns and to present our own views on different topics. But easy access to all the information at one step can affect our ability to think in a wider way.

  • Lacking conceptual knowledge

Those websites that help the students in preparing assignments may not be that useful as you are compromising on your learning ability. Assignments are given so that students can learn something. But if someone else is doing it for you then how are you learning in that entire process?

  • Students are ignoring their studies

While using the digital aid for doing assignments, many students follow the copy-pasteapproach. In this process, they make many careless mistakes and grammatical errors.They are not able to understand the main theme of the chapters. They just copy the matter and submit it next day in class.

  • Social interaction is limited

It limits social interaction as during the earlier times students used to discuss the assignments with their parents and friends whenever they faced any problem.

Thus the above points are covering thenegative and positive side of doing the assignment using digital mode. Using digital aid for doing assignments is both helpful and harmful.

If it is used and applied in a proper limit, then it is very useful for gaining knowledge about different subjects and for the topics where one needs concept clarity. But if it is used in excess then it will definitely lead to a compromise in the originality of ideasand in imaginative thinking.Students will pay less attention in the class if they know that everything is easily accessible with just a click of abutton.

By taking the pros and cons of the above topic, students can come across with the top 5 best alternatives of doing college homework. They can choose any best alternatives from the above topicswhich help them to complete the assignment on time.

Students can also move for digital mode as it will give them theinstant solution of their problem regarding homework in which their interests are lacking. By taking the help of digital mode, they can concentrate on other important work which is also important in their academics.

But when we are looking it negative part, students are prone to digital mode as they are not putting their efforts in understanding the chapters and working out the assignment in best mode. We can conclude that both are having advantages and disadvantages and it is up to students as how they can take it according to their need.

Thus, it is very important to create a balance. In the 21stcentury, it would be wrong to say that digital aid should not be used for doing assignments because even the teachers today give the assignments in such a way where students have no option left rather than using digital aid. But care should be taken that one does not get too much dependent on it. This becomes an addiction for doing even small tasks. We need to understand the need and move forward!