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What is corporate taxation?

Also known as corporation tax or company tax, corporate tax refers to the taxation on the capital of legal entities. As we all know a company is formed to make profits out of its service and sale of goods, thus corporate tax plays an important role in deduction of the net profit of a company. These are important facts that may help you in your Corporate Taxation Homework Help.

This tax can also be referred to as income tax where the government charges a certain amount of income for the betterment of the society. The tax is generally imposed on a certain amount of money; this money is known as taxable income. Tax applied on companies is basically on the net profit made by the companies. Also, small businesses or people who earn more get eligible for paying tax at a point of time. For various information for your corporate taxation homework help you may visit

Facts about corporate taxes

Here are some of the facts about corporate taxes that may help you in your corporate taxation assignment help

  • The percentage of corporate tax to be paid by any legal entity depends on the country they are situated.
  • Some countries don’t impose corporate taxes when they come to know about some social works or charity performed by the organization.
  • Corporate tax is only imposed on private sector institutions.
  • In some countries small industries or startups are not charged with corporate tax.
  • Income tax is also a part of corporate tax.

Types of taxes

These points carry the facts about the types of corporate tax that may help you in your corporate taxation assignment help

  • Federal income Tax

This refers to the tax that is imposed on the income of a person or a legal entity, especially in the United States of America.

  • Excise Tax

It refers to the tax that is imposed on certain goods such as oil, alcohol and gas.

  • State Tax

State tax refers to the tax collected from the various states of a country. The percentage is the same in each state thus no one pays less or more.

  • Employment Tax

Federal incomes, Medicare and social security are some types of employment tax. It is generally an added advantage to the employee.

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