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Corporate Reports Homework Answers and the Mistakes to Avoid

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

The world of business is working on the base of documentation and real information rather than word of mouth. Previously, people used to believe in word of mouth and heard affairs. But now clients, customers and vendors want everything on paper. That is why report writing in the corporate world is becoming the inevitable part.

The importance and necessity of corporate reports are so high that the companies hire exceptionally skilled employees for that. Here corporate reports homework answers explain the possible mistakes one should avoid while writing corporate reports.

Corporate reports are written for different purposes. Each purpose has a different style of writing. For clients, customers, foreign business partner, and for government representation, each report should be written in a particular manner. There is a list of possible mistakes which should be avoided when documenting a corporate report. But, corporate reports homework answers throws light on the most important ones.

Do not start the report with the wrong introduction says

Corporate reports are lengthy and complicated to understand all at once. Sometimes, people make the mistake of starting the story with introduction itself. But, it is advisable to write an abstract of what the report is all about. It is good practice as one don’t have to read the every word of the whole document to get a general idea.

The easy way to write the abstract is, writing after the complete report is done. When the full documentation is done, come up with maximum 150 words to describe it in short form.

Possible mistake of writing the most important piece without a structure

  1. It is feasible to put the essential information in the document but, it likely goes unread. And the reason if it is an unstructured
  2. When the starting is done correctly, it comes down to the structure.
  3. One easy way to avoid this mistake is giving the proper subheadings to the paragraph by differentiating the categories the information falls in.
  4. For example, if it is the financial report, separate the information by months or years. If the report is about economic analysis, separate the information by flaws, possible solutions, recommendations, strengths, and weakness of the system and so on.
  5. In addition, outline the parts of report and categories the written information.

The horrible mistake of reporting without researching

Corporate reports homework answers say it is the worst mistake anyone is prone to make. There are times when writers use their imagination to portray the best writing piece. But, corporate reports should refrain from the imaginative writing.

The best practice is to analyse all the numbers and interpret the several graphs to articulate the information and put it on paper. And the reason to do so is the most important decisions are made based on corporate reports.

Not using the correct words to engage the user

There can be a scenario when the writer tries to explain to the best of his/her abilities but, fails to engage the user. The possible reason can be the usage of wrong words. A higher level of language should only be used when the reader is language expert otherwise it can lead to a confused reader. So simple sentence formation is advisable.

According to corporate reports homework answers, another related mistake is not researching about the target audience.

For example, an employee of company ABC is giving an investment proposal report which is asking money for Gadget Company. The corporate report writer uses all the technical terms for explaining to a non-technical investor. There is no surprise that the investor will not make the decision easily.

To avoid this mistake, corporate reporter should always keep the target audience in mind while giving the documentation.

Improper usage of graphical images

Now, this one can be tricky to understand. There are reports which require images for better understanding. But, a corporate report filled with several graphs is not advisable. This is because the business reader is looking for information. Providing more and more figures will make the work harder for the reader.

Instead, report writer should comprehend the charts and graphs and provide only the necessary information in the corporate report. Images should only be used when understanding can be better with it.

Mistake of no clear call to action

Each report written in the corporate world will have its meaning and usage for someone. But, when reports are written without declaring the purpose, it fails to serve the purpose.The solution of it is to mention in a clear way about why the statement is written. Corporate reports homework answers say this is the common mistake everyone makes.

Typos and grammatical errors- Corporate reports are circulated within the business panel and future prospect person who can turn into the most important client of the company. A corporate report with mistaken data is harmful to the image of the firm. Sensitive data about price, the percentage of shares, investment is so important to make big decisions. So, it is must not to make any mistake in the data of corporate reports.

Secondly, grammatical mistakes are bad practice, and grammar checking tools can easily avoid it.

For the best practice, one should review the data provided in the corporate report so that it does not go wrong with prospect reader. Moreover, excessive colours and style usage should also be avoided in the corporate report writing. This is because in the corporate world the information is vital and it should be highlighted instead of font styling and colours as per corporate reports homework answers.