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Marketing is a process that identifies the wants and needs of target customers and delivers services and product to customers for satisfying those needs and thereby earning a profit. The core marketing concepts homework help that we provide at is aimed to help students who are facing difficulties in grasping the concept of the topic. Our experts are willing to help such students out.

Core concepts of marketing

Marketing is responsible for creating value for customers. So, marketers need to have a clear concept of the needs and wants of customers and also market conditions. For getting a clear idea, the marketer needs to consider the fundamental concepts of marketing. When you hire our core marketing concepts assignment help, our experts will help you out with these fundamental concepts.

Needs, Wants, and Demands

  • Needs: States of deprivation felt by humans form their needs. Needs can be of various types, like physical needs, personal needs, and social needs.
  • Wants: Human needs shaped by individual personality and culture are called wants.
  • Demands: Human wants to be backed by buying power are known as demands.

Marketing Offers

For satisfying the needs or wants of customers, a combination of information, products, services or experiences are offered to a market. Marketing offers is a concept you need to understand properly, and you can rely on core marketing concepts homework help for that.

  • Product: Anything that is offered to a market for use, consumption, attention or acquisition, such as a book, pen, rice, etc.
  • Services: Any benefit or activity that activity that can be offered by one party to another and doesn’t result in any ownership, including health service, transportation service, banking, etc.
  • Experiences: Knowledge or skill obtained from certain activities over time.

Value and Satisfaction

  • Value: The difference between customer gains from use and ownership of a product and the cost to obtain the product:
  • Satisfaction: A customer’s feelings of disappointment or pleasure from the performance of a product, in regard to his or her expectations.

Exchanges, Transaction, and Relationships:

  • Exchanges: Obtaining a necessary object from someone and offering something in return.
  • Transaction: Trading between two parties with financial relations.
  • Relationship: It is the process of creating and enhancing a strong relationship with customers and stakeholders. It is always necessary for marketers to maintain good relations with the customers


A Market is nothing but a set of potential and actual buyers of services and products. Some conditions for the market include:

  • Potential and actual buyers
  • Desire for product or service
  • Ability to pay for the product

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