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Contrast the Best Aspects of Online and Offline Modes of Study

by Oct 10, 2016Assignment Help

With the advent of technology and the commencement of online classes and tutors, many have started to ponder over the various study modes. While some seem to prefer the online mode of study for completing their assignments with the help of websites available online, there are other who prefers the traditional method of studying, of leafing through thematerial and numerous books to study.
The choice depends on the student who would be studying and their dedication to their education. While the online method of studying is increasing becoming popular with time, nobody can ignore the benefits of the holistic and traditional ways of studying. And that is exactly what is going to be explored here.
Online vs. offline mode of study
As stated earlier, both online and offline modes of study have their own individual benefits,and each has their own role to play in building up the mind of the students. The objective of both modes is to impart knowledge and to educate minds though through two, very different platforms.
While the online mode is relatively new and not fully understood, the traditional mode has a few drawbacks too. However, below the advantages and disadvantages of both the modes are explored which highlight the best aspects of both.
The schedule is one of the problems which everystudent’s face. While some students work in the night and can study when everything is quiet around them, other can work at their optimum best only in the morning.
However, the offline mode of study generally happens during the day, when your parents, sibling or a tutor comes over to your place to help you out with the lessons. Whereas, if you are studying at night, you can concentrate better and online you will able to muster all the help you can to help understand the topic better form various websites.
Interaction is of utmost important when you are studying as you need to get your doubts cleared out in order to proceed further with your studies. For offline, this is restricted to the availability of the teachers in your classroom, your parents and your tutors at home.
Moreover, offline, many students fear to ask questions in case, it sounds silly. However, online, there are no such qualms. You can ask anything you want as you won’t be meeting the tutor or any other people from there, physically and thus, all your doubts are solved. They are available at all times to clarify your doubts and to make your stand better.
The resources available vary from time to time. Sometimes, the resources available online are far more than what’s available in libraries or the hand-outs or textbooks prescribed by your teachers. However, certain old texts which might be needed for reference are not always available online.
For that, you need to visit libraries to conduct your research. However, the material available online is something you can avail at any hour of the day whereas, for offline materials, you need to abide the timings of the place you want to conduct your reference at.
Studying while convenient is one of the aspects to look into while discussing and contrasting these two modes of studies. Studying online is convenient as you can study at any hour and request their help at any time. Moreover, you can sit at home and do it.
For the other, you might have to go to some other place in order to study or seek help for your lessons. This might not be convenient as well. For example, you came back from your soccer practice at home and are extremely tired. But you have to go to your tutor’s place to study in five minutes which is not exactly convenient for you.
Social skills
Social skills are one attribute which is not found online. There’s a lot of experience that you gather while interacting with fellow classmates or others like your friends while studying. You learn to be vocal and know when to speak and when not to speak.
However, this cannot be picked up from studying online. Though you do pickup online etiquette which will be useful in future, that’s very limited.
Student engagement
While online, a student can freely engage with the tutor or post any question and get a response which would clarify their doubts, if they have any. Moreover, online, even one-to-one interactions are encouraged. In traditional classrooms, however, this is very limited.
Because of the huge size of the class, the teachers cannot focus on one student and hence, the lessons are much generalized. Students are often intimidated to ask questions and hence, refrain.
Time limit
The time limit for studying is limited for traditional mode of studying. In classrooms, the time is limited and is restricted to forty-five minutes to one hour. Thus, the lesson plans are much restricted and generalized.
For, online classes, there is no such limit. Moreover, you do not have to sit on for hours listening to lectures. You can take breaks in between and continue to study at your own luxury.
Thus, both online and offline modes of study have a number of benefits to offer to the students that would better their methods of learning and enhance their minds. However, studying online has proved to be fruitful to many and is fast catching on due to the various advantages it provides.
How to be successful while studying online?
However, simply claiming to study online won’treally help you out. Study online might present you with lots of benefits, but it is actually difficult to accomplish. You need to develop a strong mindset to continue with this.
To become successful while studying online you need to:

  • Motivate yourself to follow a reasonable schedule
  • Feel comfortable without being supervised anyone and should be able to work independently
  • Get organized
  • Have the required set of equipment like a computer, a dependable net connection, etc.
  • Communicate your doubts
  • Commit yourself to your studies

So, switch on your study mode and study online to experience the various benefits it has to offer.
“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.”