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Chemistry is all about chemical reaction, and chemical reactions cannot be expressed without the chemical equations. Hence the need for proper Chemical Equations homework help is extreme for a high school student studying chemistry. Chemical equations are the way each and every chemical change took place can be represented properly.

In a chemical reaction, substances may combine or split and in the process absorbs some energy. However, the whole process is a bit difficult to showcase on a piece of paper and hence is the need of chemical equations.

What is a chemical equation?

By definition, a chemical equation is a symbolic representation of developed by scientists to establish a chemical reaction. The constituents of a chemical reaction are-

  • Reactants
  • Products
  • Enzymes
  • Catalysts

All the components are linked to each other through symbolic representations and arrows to show the direction of the reaction.

Classification of chemical equations-

There can be two types of chemical equations namely-

  1. Word equations
  2. Symbol equations

In a simple word equation, you can see that the reactant names are simply linked together with the help of some signs to show the prepared product. For example-

However, In case of a symbolic equation, all the components are denoted with the help of symbols. For example-

CH4 + O2 →CO2 + H2O

It is also a major thing to take care of while writing symbolic equations is to balance both sides of the equation. No chemical reaction is feasible without proper balancing of its reactants and products, and hence without it, no chemical reaction is correctly written.

This is the area where a student finds maximum trouble in balancing the ends of a reaction. They need to take care of the three things-

  • Number of elements
  • Number of atoms of reactants
  • Number of atoms of products

To achieve a correctly balanced equation, all the number of atoms of reactants and products of both sides should be equal to each other. After properly balancing it should look like-

CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O

Now, the equation is completely balanced, and this will help us to determine how much yield of product is being formed and what the rate of the complete reaction was. Hence, balancing a chemical equation is the primary need in case of solving chemical equation problems. These problems can either be solved with the help of expert solutions or by utilizing the easier way of chemical equations calculator.

What is the need of Chemical Equations Assignment Help?

The need of proper chemical equation balancing is equivalent to the need for proper Chemical Equations Assignment Help. Since a chemical reaction can only be represented with the use of specific symbols also known as the state symbols to represent the various physical states of components in the reaction. The various states in which a matter can exist during a chemical reaction are-

  • Gaseous (g)
  • Liquid (l)
  • Solid (s)
  • Aqueous (aq)

The state symbols are very important and have practical use in determining the entire result of the reaction. The help to analyze the equation further and without them an explanation of the state of the reactants and products cannot be established. That is the main reason for which Chemical Equations Assignment Help is primarily necessary for this field of the subject.

Hence, to properly balance a chemical equation an expert can bring down the whole process into five easy steps like-

  1. Counting atoms on each side of the equation
  2. Changing the coefficient- numbers are written at the front of a symbol for reactant or products
  3. Balance the coefficient on both sides of the equation
  4. Taking special care in case of polyatomic ions by counting all the ionic atoms as one item
  5. Count all the atoms and make sure all the same atoms are in proportion to each other.

These are some of the easy steps in balancing a chemical equation that students some time face problems in understanding it theoretically. For that, efficient guidance with the same is essential, and that can be provided by the online web portals with chemistry homework help.

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