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Can Teachers Give Homework over Break and What Should You Do to Complete It on Time?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

The holiday season is near which means theschool will soon declare a break for few days. Students in schools are looking forward to this break when they can enjoy some quality time with their parents and friends. I can feel that excitement because I have gone through the same situation when I was in school. The bell is about to ring, and the teacher has one just last announcement. But all these excitements and joys come to an end when teachers assign homework on break. Can teachers give homework over break? It is an age old debate that will be discussed over here.
Can teachers give homework over break? – From negative perspective
In my opinion, teachers should not assign homework on break because it will not give their students mental rest that they require. However, some parents feel that giving assignments on thebreak will help to keep their children busy in studies, and they can learn things in a relaxing way.
On the other hand, students like me, feel that homework over a break simply ruins the plan. While the whole family will enjoy the nice cool weather of a beachside, the students will get stuck in the hotel room doing their homework. Therefore, it is an important question raised many students can teachers give homework over break.
During school, students are often found busy in completing their homework or preparing assignments. They hardly get enough time to spend with their families and friends. A break or a vacation is the only time they get some time to spend with their families. Being a parent of three school children, I often get disappointed when I was informed that my kids were required to complete their homework during a break or vacation. I, simply could not agree with it though I know teachers always have good intentions, but still I felt my kids won’t get much time to spend with their family.
Can teachers give homework over break? – From positive perspective
On the other hand, some parents believe giving homework over break is justified because time away from studies and classroom may cause abehavioural problem or academic regression in students due to lack of schedule. Here, we will discuss on the fact can teachers give homework over break.
Keep them staying busy:
Winter or summer break may give a lot of fun at first, but soon, children feel bored, and they ask their parents the same question ‘what can I do?’  When teachers assign homework to students, children have to perform certain things when they are not properly sure how to occupy themselves and thereby, they hardly complain about boredom.
Working on school assignments can help to break long vacation days and keep your children busy in completing homework when you are busy at work. Homework can also keep your children from playing lots of online games and watching TV all day long, which is more likely to happen during break or vacations.
Enhance academic skills of students
On this point if you ask me can teachers give homework over break, I will say ‘Yes.’ Children who are assigned homework over break are more likely to sharp their skills. The reason behind this is that continuous practice helps to keep things fresh in mind. When they spend all time at home, kids are more interested to discuss their assignments or subject-related queries with their parents, friends and siblings which further help to enhance their interests in various academic projects.
They can ask help from their siblings, friends and parents since thehousehold schedule is less muddled. Parents can also help their children reinforce their skills in weak subject areas during this break time. In some articles, research scholars have suggested parents to set up a homework plan and praise children effort as this will help to enhance their confidence and skills in doing assignments.
Make them creative
In this respect, parents surely agree on the fact can teachers give homework over break. Some teachers assign creative projects to students during vacation. This allows them to work on more elaborate projects which not only enhance their creative skills but also improve their knowledge on the subject. Your child may be given a task to prepare a poster or a complete book report.
These types of projects give them the chance to become more creative. Your child will get the opportunity to work with various materials, collaborate with other students outside of the classroom. Creative projects seem more motivating than some of the busywork in school session.
Help them to acquire new skills
Homework is a useful tool to improve theweakness of students in certain subjects and thereby, offer them the opportunity to acquire and improve new skills. This is the reason why most people take the positive side when they are asked can teachers give homework over break. If there would be no homework, teachers would have to analyze the base of students on the basis of tests alone which is not an effective means at all. Moreover, it will not be of much use as it cannot cater to the needs of students.
Give sufficient practice time
Homework over break gives students sufficient practice time to strengthen their knowledge and skill in certain subjects which they find difficult. The helps to build a good foundation and thereby, they can progress much better in schools and score good marks in the exam. It also lets students to revise the chapters that are taught in schools and more importantly, this gives an early warning to students who fail to understand certain key concepts of subjects.
Having homework help to keep them busy and this establishes a perfect balancebetween studying time and leisure. If there exists too much leisure time, students will waste it playing games, watching TV and go out with friends. Therefore, homework during the break is the best way to improve educational skills of students.
Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that giving homework over break has both pros and cons. However the positive aspects of homework are more than negative aspects and thereby, it is quite obvious that most parents will come with a positive view on the topic can teachers give homework over break. Assignments or homework over vacations help them the opportunity to gain additional knowledge outside school hours.