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Best Excuses to Give Your Economics Professor for Incomplete Homework!

by May 15, 2017Economics

Seems like you were busy in the family gathering yesterday! Without a doubt, you must have forgotten your homework. So what are you going to tell your professor? Well, telling them the truth might affect your grades. So how about some excuses? Giving genuine excuses for your homework helps in keeping your grades safer as your professor might get convinced to move your deadline for homework submission.

Economics homework! Well, it might get boring sometimes to focus on a subject like economics which involves theoretical explanations and research. Most of the students run away from such assignments, as it requires lot of patience to develop quality content for a subject like economics.

Let’s discuss the best excuses to give you economics professor for incomplete homework!

  • You were not well!

The most popular and very effective excuse to give to your professor for incomplete homework is your sickness. Professors are easy going when it comes to your health problems. Well, in any case you can convince them by saying that you were not well and spent most of your day in the hospital for checkup; it might help you with your deadline moved to a different date.

But be specific with the strict professors as they might recheck on the same by asking your medical certificate or verifying from your family members. Try to act sick in front of them. Actually, be sick the whole day till you are in the premises as their eyes may roll around you only. Do not push too hard to show that you are sick; as it may turn out to be fake and over exaggerated.

Do not wear fancy on this day as it may speak against your genuine excuse of sickness. But rather a cozy jacket and a simple pair of jeans will go perfect with your excuse.

  • It was a moving day for your grand parents

Grandparents always carry a soft corner in everyone’s heart. If you explain the genuine reason of your grandparents moving to a new house; it will create infact a very generous attitude of yours towards everyone. Be it your classmates or your professors, the “Awwwww” moment will be a sure thing under such an excuse.

Everyone understands that grandparents themselves cannot move from their own place and need a helping hand with moving. An idea of grandchildren helping them instead is the sure level of genuine excuse to skip their homework. It won’t only push your deadline to the next week, but your attitude in front of your professors will be changed to a much better positivity aroma.

  • Your sister is getting married!

Marriage is the best excuse to perform in your homework. Be it your sister’s or brother’s marriage, everyone understand that with the wedding coming closer, every family member is caught with some or the other responsibility.

But do make sure that your sister or brother is aware of this excuse of yours. Why if you ask? Well, let’s take for an instance that your professor bump into your sister next day and congratulate her for the wedding!

Well, the rest of the ending story will be a disaster for you. So make sure that your brother or sister is informed of your excuse. This way, it will give a motivation for your siblings to act the excitement of marriage in front of your professor. Just Kidding!

  • The sports teacher called it a day!

If you are very popular and recognized in any of the sports in your premises, then WooHoo! You have got the best excuse for your economics teacher. All the teachers are aware that sports activities are endless and your presence for such extra-curricular is mandatory.

Well, why not to take an advantage of the same? All you need to do is, convince your professor that you are involved in the new activities in the premises. With extra dedication to such activities, you tend to lose focus and time to prepare for your homework. Agreeing to such an excuse is genuinely accepted by every professor.

Follow the schedule of all the activities happening in your school and record the same in your system. Next time you attend the economics class, you know which sport activity to use this time.

  • Other professor needed a helping hand

Well, think of a professor who you really get along with. Now put some innovation in your thoughts that convince your economic professor that you were a helping hand for the other professor as he/she needed assistance with a project or documentations.

If you can get the other professor convinced to help you with your excuse, then your excuse will work like a gem! Rather if convinced, this excuse will work as a positive motivation for your economics professor as he will think that you are very popular and a successful assistance for other professors.

But do remember that professors do talk to each other. So if you opting for such an excuse do get a rain check from the professor whose name you are going to use. Do not try such an excuse with those professors who are not in your list of favorites.

Let your friends help you too!

Use all these excuses with your economics professor and share the same with you friends. Always involve your friends and classmates in your excuses so that they can motivate your speech in front of your professor. Such a push not only give you better enthusiasm to present an excuse, but also provides protection if in case you get stuck with any point in your excuse.

If you want to succeed with your excuses, always maintain a positive reputation in front of your professors. If you are realized as good student in your class, your professor starts trusting you with all your excuses.

Once you are excused with the deadline of submitting your project you can focus on your assignments even with shorter period of time. Learn about 7 tips to finish assignments in 3 days and succeed with better grades in your class even with best excuses provided.

But please remember that always showering excuses to your economics professor won’t help you with better grades. At some point, you will be required to complete your homework. So even when you are excused with your homework, try to complete the same before the next deadline. Your excuses might work with professors, but every time your excuses cannot excuse your grades.

So if you want to succeed with your excuses, then use the same for a shorter period of time without spoiling your image of good books in front of your professors.