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Behavioral Finance Homework Solutions – Harness Its Power to Transform Your Life

by Jun 4, 2017Finance

Behavioral Finance is relatively a new concept in the world of finance.  It collaborates emotions, reasoning and decision making ability of an individual. In today’s era financial decisions is the crucial component of a person’s, life.Not known by many that an Individual bias affects the investing decisions.

Behavioral Finance is the study of human behavior at the cognitive level in regards to financial decision making at its core. In-depth study of psychological research explains why people take irrational decisions.

Behavioral Finance Triad:

It encompasses 3 factors- Cognitive, sensory and emotional attributes in an individual. There is no easy access to strike the right chord of an individual’s heart and head. For that, it requires belief in you.

Behavioral Finance Homework Solutions will escort the students towards the right approach in getting through this new concept.

Impediments faced:

It becomes difficult for the students to grasp the essence of Behavioral Finance, due to its complexity. It consists of studying human psychology which requires lots of patience, experience, the calmness, reasoning power and more importantly high on emotional quotient.

Difficulties faced by students:

  • Lack of concentration in class:

Most students find it difficult to understand the basics due to their absence of focus in the class and few shy away to ask doubts when it comes to the theory of Behavioral Finance. They are unaware of the fact that how individual biases affects the rational investment decisions.

  • Unclear Concepts of Finances:

Paucity of relating to concepts such as- Concepts of Value and Return, Risk and Return, Valuation of bonds and shares, Marketing Theory, Capital budgeting decisions, Complex investment decisions, Financial and operating leverage, Dividend Theory, Long term and short term financing.

  • Lack of interrelation between Psychology and Decision making:

Students of ten be come fearful of the later consequences of irrational decisions when they fall short on comprehending the relation between Psychology and Decision making.

  • Over-reliance of some students on self:

According to human psychology, people tend to have unwarranted confidence in their decision making. Researchers have proved that an individual tends to overrate their ability in decision making. This positive behavior can be valuable for personal growth but on the other hand, it can hamper investing decisions.

  • Not interested in studying Behavioral Finance in particular-

Some students are not committed to the consistent and disciplined course of action in the class due to tiring schedule and inactivity.

Here comes the role of Behavioral Finance Homework Solutions which assists an individual in developing an understanding of the financial problems of students to reach their goal. During the last couple of decade, Behavioral Finance has succeeded in dotting its presence worldwide. It illustrates the techniques to be taken into account. Irrational decisions are impediments to a dynamic financial economics. It helps in understanding the concepts in detail. It is interesting to know how decision-making ethos of people has evolved with time. From a traditional finance model to Behavioral Finance Theory. Studying and analysis of any sub-discipline in behavioral finance can be a daunting task, which requires a greater attention to the smallest details and also needs expert assistance.

Let’s have a glance at the following points:

How Behavioral Finance Homework Solutions can help:

  • Helps in better understanding of basic concepts
  • Concept of value and return
  • Time Value of Money
  • Valuation of bonds and shares

Main Benefits of Behavior Finance Homework Solutions:

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Some of the complicated finance topics like:

  • Business valuations
  • Marketing
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Investment Appraisals
  • Financial management functions
  • Integrated Financial decisions

Behavioral Finance Homework Solutions Tips:

Some of the basic concepts of finance explained below:

The Value of Money with Changing Times:

 The money value keeps on changing from time to time, for instance, money which holds some value today may not hold the same value in future, as the value of money is not stable. A skillful investor will make investments today rather than in future.

Reasons for Change in Value of Money with Time:

  • Risk
  • Preference for consumption
  • Investment opportunities

The Structure of Capital:

Capital structure of a firm refers to the constitution or layout for its capitalization and it includes all long- term capital funds, such as Long- term debt, bonds, equity shares, and reserves. Thus capital structures encompass debt and equity securities and refer to permanent financing of a firm or company.

Features of Capital Structure:

  • The Surplus in Excess- The most cost-effective capital structure is one that is liable to curtail the cost of financing and escalates earning per equity share.
  • Solvency- The pattern of the Capital structure should be so devised to ensure that the firm does not run the risk of becoming insolvent.
  • Adaptability- The capital structure should be flexible to meet the requirements of changing condition.

Money Market:  Fulfill the short term liquidity wants of investors. The usual maturity period is one year. It includes instruments with maturities of less than a year.

Capital Market: Completes the long-term liquidity necessity of investors. It involves securities with maturities of more than a year.